Bugoy’s tailbone pain, his wallet and his upcoming marriage

I saw my brother during this Christmas vacation.  Happy to see him I gifted him with a copy of Dr. Henry Bieler’s book Food is your Best Medicine.  Also gifted him with a DVD of Food Matters.  Bugoy was jolly fat, as fat as I once was in 2001.  He doesn’t notice, just like most fat people don’t notice.  Someone from the outside must tell you and tell you point blank.  He is happy with the progress of his psoriasis, but I was not.  I told him I expected him to be totally clean by the end of 2008.  He still had some old barnacles, some scratching, and he still used some lotion.  Tsk tsk tsk….

So there I was in the past days teaching Bugoy how to eat raw.  I taught him about various fishes in the wet market.  I taught him how to eat live clams.  He found the clams tasty but not as filling as the farmed salmon he insisted on buying.

I badgered Bugoy to continue his liver flushing.  I told him 5 liver flushes is not enough.  You need to pursue, you need to continue.  The way he looks right now he is darn happy with what he used to look like, but I was not happy.  I know he can do better… you know silky smooth.  I was expecting a liver flush from him this Saturday but he copped out at the last minute.  Hey, it’s his health… he promised a liver flush next Saturday… this I gotta see.

February is marrying time for my brother.  Yes… he is that well he can get married just like normal people.

This new year he told me he had terrible tailbone pain.  Since it was vacation time, the regular chiropractor he goes to is closed.  I had Dr. Bien Castro the dorn practitioner on my cell phone and he did house calls.  So last Thursday Dr. Bien did his Dorn method and energy healing on Bugoy and afterwards Bugoy was all smiles.  We analyzed further what the problem was and it turns out Bugoy wears a fat wallet, sometimes 2 of them in his back pocket, all the time.  This is when he is walking, standing or sitting or driving.  Notice the bad position you get into when seated with a wallet?  I knew this aspect about wallet dangers a long time ago and consciously I do not wear a wallet while seated.  Now Bugoy knows this as well.  It will take a conscious effort, old habits die hard.

Dr. Bien took before and after pictures of Bugoy’s spine, showed the same problem affecting the part of the spine that triggers psoriasis or eczema.  Was the wallet wearing a large contributor to Bugoy’s psoriasis.  Laughable but possible.  Where do you wear your wallet?

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