My sandfly bites are now mere scabs

In 1994 I was bitten by sandflies in the beaches of Boracay island.  I suffered for 2 years of what I recall as leishmaniasis.  The dermatologists were of no help then, they injected me with steroids until I got exasperated at the pain.  Then I was given topical steroids until it stopped working.  Then I decided then to do nothing and after 1996 my body god rid of whatever it was.

Today as an accomplished hobby healer while in Palawan in December 2008 I again got bitten by sandflies and it characteristically looked much like the old sandfly bites of 1994.  This time the outcome was predictable different.  I was now armed and knowledgable.  And by today January 2008, I just have scabs waiting to peel off and the itches have gone.

My methods and analysis of what transpired:

I suspect leishmaniasis, a protozoan infestation, so I immediately called in the anti-parasite brigade: oregano oil (works), clove oil (works), virgin coconut oil (ineffective), zapper (works), barefoot herbalist dewormer (works)… but I got constipated, I had forgotten that the dewormer can constipate you… but after 1 day of detecting the constipation, I drank Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea as a colon cleanser and pooped my problems away.

I did the detoxes: colon cleanse, kidney cleanse with avocado leaves tea, I did liver flushing and I did emergency steam baths.  Those steam baths did the trick of relieving the sudden itches and welts.

I suspect a massive die off from the parasite cleansing and I needed the detoxes to unload the die off toxins.  Toxins could be from dead bodies of the parasites being consumed by their own fungus and their own bacteria in the process throwing off toxins in my blood as they may have been killed in the areas of my legs within my blood vessels.  I helped my body detox through my skin with every scratch and popping every bubble that wanted out.

During the whole time I stayed on my raw paleolithic diet with high fat consumption.  The problem was this time in less then a month solved.

The lesson for me is that being healthy does not absolve you from being careless by known parasites like sand flies.  I remember we tried 2 beach resorts.  This Beach Walk beach resort was nearer but we already detected sand flies on our first visit.  When my mother in law arrived and asked which beach was better, I had stated in a meeting that the Beack Walk resort looked nice and shallow for a long stretch, and it had sandflies, but it was nearer.  We decided on the nearer beach and went back to where we knew sandflies were.  Sure enough, my wife was bitten, I was bitten most, and my mother in law got bitten by sandflies.  It was a good thing the children were spared.

I analyze that maybe today in 2008 my body is stronger than I was in 1994 and of course this time I knew exactly what to do and I read my symptoms correctly.  Yet still, my liver is not as strong as my wife’s liver.  My wife just shrugged off the sand fly bites in a week or two.

Just because I am eczema symptom free for some time does not mean I am absolutely healthy.  1 year of raw paleolithic diet is not enough.  I need a few more continuous years of a clean and healthy lifestyle to keep on getting stronger.  Maybe in a few more years I will be foolish enough again to try and get bitten by sand flies again… or maybe not… twice is enough.


  1. SeaArra says:

    Hi, thanks for your post, def. helps..sooo did you topicaly apply the oregono oil or ingest? can clove oil be ingested? coconut oil didnt seem to help? do more sores show up as time goes on?
    thanks so much!
    peace and love!

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