Clove Oil works and Moratorium on Chicken works on my 5 year old boy with rough itchy skin on legs

A month ago I noticed my 5 year old boy had started getting eczema under his left ear again.  And his legs were rough and itchy.  Results of Christmas celebration party binges.  So here we go again, time to fix the Christmas mess.

First on the agenda was a cessation of all wheat sources.  None of those idiotic pasta, noodles, bread, anything with flour… including corn and I don’t care what relatives think of me.  This is MY BOY and look at the results the Christmas celebrations brought about.

In 2 weeks my boy’s left ear eczema dried up.   Very easy.  You see?  Wheat and corn is not for my boy.  He eats cooked rice, no problem.

Next was the cessation of all chicken and all eggs… even if organic… even if fertilized.  We are not too sure about this, just covering all the bases.

Next was the use of clove oil on his legs with virgin coconut oil as a carrier oil to dilute the clove oil.  2 weeks have passed by and his legs are less itchy and the roughness is clearing up.  My boy notices, he is convinced.

My theory is there may be pests living under his skin on his legs.

Will the legs be 100% cured?  I hope so, we will know in time.  In the meantime I take the time to put it on his legs once a day.  Clove oil is anti-parasitic and many other things.  Look it up on the internet.  I got my clove oil from the indian grocery.

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