My example fruitarian day for the purpose of cleansing

Today I decided I would go fruitarian.  I had been force feeding myself too much fish meat the past week I thought my digestive system needed a rest.  This is a good time to record what I ate today to show you how easy it is to survive on a fruitarian diet.  The secret is consuming FAT!

This morning at breakfast I had some watermelon, some avocado – which wasn’t so good, and coconut juice with coconut meat.  I also felt I needed more fat and drank 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil.

At lunch while with my daughter I just had coconut juice and coconut meat.  Then a few minutes later I thought about the raisins in the refrigerator and got them as a snack.  To balance that much sweetness I consumed 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil.

At mid afternoon I had a few small bites of a pineapple and had a big slice of water melon.

In the evening I had a lot of watermelon sliced but my kids ate most of it and left me only with one piece.  I had a coconut opened and ate the juice and the meat.

Are you seeing the trend? Fruit – Fat, Fruit – Fat.  Coconut meat is fat.  Virgin coconut oil is fat.  And the fruit I ate wasn’t really sweet, except for a few raisins.

In your country you may find extra virgin olive oil easier to find.  Some might think lecithin supplements will do.  If you can find good avocados, go for it.

The fruitarian diet is temporary,  it is a fast.  Try 3 days or 1 week or 2 weeks and it will clean out your colon really good.  See the rest of the eczema and psoriasis cure protocol.

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