Coffee Enema is a very fast and effective liver cleansing tool

If you have been reading the eczema and psoriasis cure protocols, you may have understood that cleaning your liver is one of the most important and continuous cleanses you need to do. The standard liver flushes I included in the cure protocol are the apple juice liver flush and the hulda clark liver flush. Now those liver flushes I said are spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart. That’s okay if you are not in any rush or emergency… so how to make the healing run faster? Enter the coffee enema.

What is an enema? It is the action of inserting water or fluid through the anus opening. You “hold” that water in and massage letting the water slosh around, a few minutes later, expel into the toilet bowl.

The coffee enema is really just an enema where you use preferably brewed organic coffee as the fluid. This procedure was discovered by a nurse in a World War One German army field hospital. With no painkillers available, this nurse administered an enema to several badly wounded soldiers with the only warm liquid available, a coffee pot.

Max Gerson, M.D., was a Medical Officer in the German army. He began losing patients in his otherwise wildly successful attack on cancer. He deduced that it was the avalanche of toxic material gushing out of tumors and hiding places all over the body jamming up the liver that was killing his patients. He remembered the coffee enema. He stopped losing patients. Today, the Gerson Institute in California carries on the late Max GersonĀ“s work. Website:

Why coffee? The alkaloid, caffeine, dilates the bile ducts throughout the liver. All the clogged channels filled with toxins that force incoming toxins to continue to re-circulate causing pain, are instead, emptied rapidly.

This was the case with my brother when he did his first 2 liver flushes, he needed time for the epsom salts to take effect to be able to dump the liver toxins through his colon and out his anus. While the dumped toxic bile was swimming in his stomach, he felt pain and felt like dying. Hopefully, most of you reading this are not at death’s door like my brother was or currently this man I’m helping with liver cancer.

The important thing for you to learn is how to do this yucky but very effective coffee enema! You want to get well faster than the eczema and psoriasis cure protocol of 2008? It is 2009, it’s time we sped up the protocol. The coffee enema is just that right tool. Tool for what? The idea of continuous, daily, liver flushing. What used to take me months, now you can finish in a few measly days! Isn’t this interesting?

For now I want you to read up about the coffee enema on at Caffeine Dialysis Process – Coffee Enema Step by Step.

In my next article I will teach you how to combine liver flushes with the coffee enema.

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