Super Nutrition must come first prior to manipulation

I learned something good from Mr. Vander Gaditano; his experience with the sick is that super nutrition must come first before you do any manipulation. By manipulation he means via mechanical, herbal, or other new treatment. Herbs may indeed be usually safer than drugs but they still manipulate the body. But the body needs nutrition first. Some people may be running on nearly empty reserves so what are you going to heal the body with?

For super nutrition, you could probably learn to eat a raw paleolithic diet (raw fruits, raw vegs, raw animal food) or a primal diet (adding lots of raw dairy and juiced vegetables) if raw dairy works for you. You can buy a juicing book like those written by Steve Meyerowitz. I have got Power Juices and Super Drinks in my book shelf for reference.

For the lazy ones, like myself, I leave it to the expert Herbalist Ka Rey Herrera and purchase Ka Rey Herera’s Herbal from It’s easy. I just buy the 4 bottle set: 10%, 20%, 30% and 55%. These are various fruits and vegetables processed in a special that provides nutrition for even the terminally ill. Take 30 ml 30 minutes before breakfast, and before lunch, and before dinner and right before going to sleep.

I see Vander Gaditano in his live in healing farm make fresh juices every day. Raw juiced kamote tops… hmmmm….

A cooked soup I know is Bieler’s soup made with zucchini, string beans and parsley.

Take lots of raw fats. Fats move the liver. Just a friendly rib tickling jibe at the raw vegan community who forget to take their fats. You can have virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocados, coconut milk, coconut meat, raw butter, raw egg yolks, raw whole eggs, raw bone marrow, raw animal muscle fat, raw brains, you can even make your own raw mayonnaise (raw butter + raw eggs + raw extra virgin olive oil), fish fat from raw salmon and raw tuna. Fats are meant to cleanse and provide clean energy.

Special foods: duck and chicken eggs, fish eggs, raw liver, raw bone marrow, raw oysters and more; these are your multi-vitamins.

When the sick have their super nutrition, now the manipulation can be done. Herbal colon cleanses, herbal kidney cleanses and kidney rebuilding, herbal liver flushes, vco detoxes and whatever you have on your list.

So remember super nutrition. Nutrition comes first. Detoxes come second. I’ve seen a lot of people make the mistake of just doing detoxes.

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