April 2009 Eczema and Psoriasis Cure Protocol Draft

This is my first draft of the Eczema and Psoriasis cure protocol for April 2009. After some time again, we learn new, better and faster things. Always in the effort to improve and make things easier. The principles are the same and foreign substitutes can be used if you live elsewhere.

Let’s begin with nutrition. Switch to a Raw Paleolithic Diet – raw organic fruit, raw organic fatty animal food. Stress on raw fat consumption. See support forum at http://www.rawpaleoforum.com. Super Nutrition, I know Rey Herbal will work so buy the 4 bottle set for P 2,400 and drink as directed, 30ml 30 minutes before meals and the 4th shot before sleeping.

Proper hydration, see the water cure recipe at http://www.watercure2.org

Now that nutrition is pumping in, we have the capacity to manipulate the body using the detox protocols.

Slowly but surely drop all pharmaceutical drugs. Drop all artificial supplements and replace them with raw organic paleolithic food.

Let http://www.curemanual.com/detox-protocols guide you to do the detoxes.

Replace toothbrushing with oil pulling, wiping and flossing.

Colon cleanse with Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea.

Kidney Cleanse with Avocado Leaves tea.

Special mention to improved egg yolk liver flushing daily followed by 2 warm water enemas in the mornings for 4 days a week. I also suggest you do many variations of liver flushes whenever you see fit.

Pollution avoidance as in the Cure Manual.

Nurturing as in the Cure Manual.

All the while reading the mind cures section of CureManual.com. Stress on reading Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Buy his 2 books. If raw dairy does not work for you, that’s okay, it is normal, raw dairy does not work on me either, I can’t digest it.

As a final kicker to your self cure, do a 3 day orange juice fast so you know it is in your arsenal. If you have fully given extra nutrients to yourself, you can venture on longer orange juice fasts.

Make your own checklist, be very thorough.

Eventually drop all herbs, stick with raw paleolothic diet and lifestyle as best you can and enjoy great health with your eczema and psoriasis being cured and never ever returning.

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