200% Eczema Cured and Zooming Up to Better Health each month!

This is for all of you wanting to be eczema cured and psoriasis cured eventually like me.  This is a report about my health status today, which happens to be the best days of my life, and getting better.  Today I feel I am 200% eczema cured, note two hundred percent.  Of course I am eczema symptom free… every day I wake up, I have stopped thinking about eczema for myself.  When I feel an itch, I know a mosquito must have bitten me.  My health has gone up, up and away to new heights I didn’t know I could reach.  I’m turning 40 this year and I feel like I’m 25 years old, the physique, the clear smooth skin, the strength… what’s funny is now I’ve got arm muscles from eating raw meat.

I never imagined my health would be this spectacular.  I use zero drugs.  I use zero supplements.  I use zero vitamins.  Wow, these true scientific principles really work.  My lifestyle is absolutely different from 10 years ago, different from 5 years ago, different from 3 years ago when I became eczema symptom free.  Now I can say I’m truly healthy.  Not once do I expect nor fear that I will get sick of a cold or cough as long as I do this healthy lifestyle, more or less a raw paleolithic lifestyle.

My version of my modern raw paleolithic lifestyle today for May 2009 is like this:

  • I don’t brush my teeth, I do oil pulling in the morning, then gargle, then wipe my teeth clean.
  • My breakfast is just hydrating high vitamin C fruits in season: papaya or green indian mangoes or guavas PLUS 2 or more raw duck eggs if I need to work a lot or drive out of town.
  • My lunch is a big raw high fat animal meal, these days usually raw grass fed beef, but I do raw oysters, and various fresh raw fish for variety + raw liver once a week
  • My dinner could be another raw animal meal, or just hydrating fruit if I already pigged out at lunch.
  • My idea of hydrating is coconut juice with the fatty meat or calamansi / lemon in water and some raw honey for taste.
  • I’m careful that my daily diet comes out high fat, low carb, raw paleo diet – everything organic, wild, grass fed: raw fruit, raw fatty animal food.
  • If I eat a cooked meal for socializing, I know it’s not healthy, but I don’t lose sleep over it.

There could be better examples of raw paleolithic diet practitioners on http://www.rawpaleoforum.com, do learn from their experiences.   Our fruits rock because I live in a tropical country, some of you may do better juicing veggies if your fruits in your country suck.

Raw vegan is a mere temporary treatment.  Raw fruitarian is a mere temporary treatment.  Humans are true raw omnivores and must include a lot of raw organic / wild fatty meat in their diets.  I now see the push of raw vegans, their idiotic battle against meat eating as a dangerous WRONG DETOUR for many, many people who will just wind up being malnourished.  And malnourishment is a primary cause of all diseases, including eczema and psoriasis.

Yes, yes, I eat raw red fatty meat.  Who would have guessed the truth would lead me to eating raw red fatty meat?  Hey, I just followed the truth and experienced truth in health myself and this is where the truth leads to.  Most of you eat raw fish sashimi like tuna or salmon, once I’d  gotten over hangups over eating raw land animals, I now prefer RAW BEEF, it must be the yummy raw yellow fat and tastey meat.  I’m even luckier than my fellow raw paleo dieters in the first world countries because I get my raw meats freshly killed, never frozen.

Do I still do the detox protocols?  No.  I don’t need those tricks anymore.  But when and if I do need them, I know how to do the detox protocols, and I know they work.

Personal care products?  I only shampoo my hair when I get a haircut or when I’ve been to places that dust me up real good.  I use organic soap for my butt.  I use calamansi or lemon juice under my arms.  Doesn’t matter really, usually,  I don’t need to use any deodorant.

The progress to learn more and make adjustments to be even healthier is now second nature.  I plan to spend less and less time on the health obsession so I can spend more time making money and spend more time with my kids.  Yes, I truly am the family healer now and it’s just great, no fear.  Life should be lived  really healthy.  Now that I’m really healthy I hope I’m strong enough to be really wealthy… eventually.  Hey, I’m part of the club who knows how to cure the incurables… because we concentrated our efforts and thinking time to unlock the cures that have always been in front of us.

Wish me luck in finding monetary wealth guys, so I can keep giving away the secrets to curing eczema and psoriasis forever.  Let’s teach the world that eczema and psoriasis is easily, and logically, scientifically curable for everyone.  Stop the quack MDs from exploiting the sick with their incurable mantra and harmful deathly treatments.  It is the 21st century, believing in incurable diseases is for the weak minded with no internet connectivity.

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