Definitive video guide to the Raw Paleolithic Diet

I would like to thank author for making this video available for everyone to realize what the original and recommended diet of human beings truly is. It is very simple: organic / wild animals, organic / wild fruits, organic vegetables.

The important thing is the original human diet, the paleolithic diet is so easy, because it comes natural to us humans. It is comfortable. It is healing.

This is the diet that will most likely heal everything. It can be tweaked in many ways by increasing the raw fat, raw protein and raw carbohydrate ratios.

We can get into specifics in other articles. Just keep re-playing this video until you understand the very simple concept of what the original recommended human diet is. You are most probably sick because you keep eating unsuitable substances you mistake as “food”.

Yes, this is the diet I eat. Raw fruits with a good deal of a lot of bloody raw fatty animal food. It works. This paleo diet has given me the best health in my life I never thought I could ever achieve.

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