Wheat is a major cause of eczema. Avoid it in all its forms

I remember when my 2nd boy had eczema. I was so up in arms against all wheat because I knew that it caused eczema. All humans are allergic to wheat in varying degrees because wheat / grains are not an original human food. Wheat, mostly flour sticks like glue to the walls of our intestines causing constipation and causes inflammatory reactions all over.

There was one weekend morning, I made a scene in the house when my son’s grandparents were having their breakfast and were doting over our son with BREAD! Good grief. I walked on up and manhandled / carried my boy off. I didn’t care if he cried or if my in-laws were insulted, this was my boy we are talking about here and his eczema was oozing on his left ear and on his legs and butt… and you are feeding him BREAD????

That scene was priceless. It stuck to our extended family’s minds that yes we are indeed serious about not giving all our children any form of wheat. Spaghetti is JUNK FOOD. Bread is JUNK FOOD.

Of course my boy is cured now. But those were the days, and not so long ago. That 2nd boy of mine is just 5 – 1/2 years old. Today.

Check out this video of Dr. Gluten exposing wheat allergies.

Dr Rodney Ford is a food allergist. He sees lots of children with eczema. He tells about Olivia with eczema. She got completely better when she went gluten-free. He has discovered that gluten is the major cause of eczema/ dermatitis in children. Some of these itchy, scratchy, irritable children can be cured by a gluten-free diet. Most have positive gliadin antibody blood test. After 3-6 months of being gluten-free their skin can look fantastic. They have part of The Gluten Syndrome. He has written about this in his book “Eczema! Cure It!”

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