Pollution Avoidance: Stop Using Anti-Perspirants

Pollution avoidance is glossed over by many skin sufferers. They keep seeing those anti-perspirant commercials on television. When I see a really sick person, one of the first rules is to stop using all personal “care” products. With the quotation marks on “care” as they do HARM rather than good. Commercial junk. One key item are DEODORANTS or worse, ANTI-PERSPIRANTS. People are insane, and here is David Flowers to tell you why.

Antiperspirant WHAT?????????????

The connotation of the word should be enough. Just in case, I would like to take this opportunity to adjust some thought processes and reasoning in regards to personal health.

ANTI-perspirant OR stop perspiration? That should raise a RED FLAG! Consider this, the body was created to perspire and doesn’t logic dictate that there is a reason for doing so. Stopping any waste removal function such as this will be hazardous to ones health. Perspiration is no less important than bowel movements and urination.

In regards ot antiperspirant it is important to have at least a minimal understanding of the lymphatic system. You have lymph nodes throughout your body, but nothing compared to the area at the arm pits where you have bundles of them.

The liver creates Bile but the Lymphatic System is your main filtration system. What you eat, drink, absorb and inhale will travel through your lymphatic system as it should, at least AS LONG AS YOU ALLOW IT! When you use antiperspirant or even most deodorants you do not let it function! The lymph nodes dangerously fill up and when they are unable to retain any more waste your glands and organs start retaining the backed up waste. When this occurs, the body will no longer have a fighting chance and it is left on a down hill slide.

So what in the world do you use??????????????

The most effective way to manage odor and prevent offending others is to not eat, drink or absorb toxins. Otherwise you can use Salt Crystals (just salt and alum). You can purchase these at any Health Store and some drugstores.

With True Cures, you will receive treatment and counseling on better
methods for personal hygiene. Usually a little extra bathing for the first few days combined with the use of the Salt Crystal and you will be fine. Avoid consuming non-food products like additives, artificial sweeteners and other chemicals and odor will be much easier to manage.

There is no way around offending after drinking coffee or sodas, especially diet sodas. If one can’t break these habits, then their consumption must be followed up with plenty of pure water. As time goes by, the body gets easier to keep clean and odor-free as it passes the stored waste accumulated during the use of antiperspirants.

Bathing, adequate water and avoiding toxin intake will allow one to remain clean, and when a person remains clean in this manner they remain truly healthy!

Original article by David Flowers from http://www.truecures.com/anti-perspirants


  1. 2009 was a great year for understanding skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It was my work with herpes that lead to my focus on fungus. Candida is harmless compared to the endless types of fungus humans endure and fungus is likely the number one cause of all skin conditions.

    I have searched and searched for natural remedies for external fungus. My clients have searched and searched and they all find over the counter fungicides the most effective. Lotrimin and Tinactin are two very effective products for clearing up, controlling and occasionally curing fungal issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

    Any potential ill side effects of fungicides are far less threatening than the fungus itself. True Cures is based on the bodies internal immune response. With True Cures you can eliminate all systemic fungus but the internal immune response is extremely limited when it comes to fungus and bacteria feeding and living off of dead skin that has no immunity at all.

    Pass this information on to anyone who has a skin condition of any kind, doesn’t matter if it is herpes, eczema or crusty skin thought to be cancer. If it is on the surface and is an irritation fungicides will likely control it better than any other product if not completely cure it.

    I have a page on my website that offers some protocols on successful fungal treatment that you will find very helpful.

    2010, the year for cures.

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