Natural Cure for Yeast Infections by Sarah Summer? Does it work?

I can’t resist these ebook claims. Here is a book entitled “Natural Cure for Yeast Infections” by Sarah Summer. Does it work? I’m curious to find out what is in it.

Comfortably, I can say that the Virgin Coconut Oil Detox is a natural cure for yeast infections, but it is not for the weak. VCO detox cannot be done by children, it is just too darn hard.

This ebook claims: “Is it Safe? Absolutely 100% safe. I know it is so safe and can be even used during pregnancy and with babies. I know it works with men, children and the elderly. It is even safe for people when their immune system is damaged like people with AIDS.”

And there is a 100% money back guarantee. Ok, I’ll bite. If this book sucks I’ll get my money back. Will make a book review in a while.

See Natural Cure for Yeast Infections by Sarah Summer.


  1. Edwin!

    Please tell me more about the VCO detox… I’LL DO IT! 🙂

    Thanks, Sharon. 😀

  2. Hi Sharon,

    VCO detox is a sure candida killer, see

    Best wishes,


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