5 year old boy itches due to Crab Allergy, addressed with Steam Bath, Colon Cleansing, Kidney Cleansing

Yesterday lunch I bought some fat, egg laden crabs for lunch where we ate the orange crab eggs raw. The rest of the crab bodies were cooked for ease of eating. Plus we had raw oysters in lemon juice + rock salt. The kids ate raw crab eggs, raw oysters and some cooked crab. Yummy.

Around 3pm I noticed my 5 year old boy was scratching his palms, then his arms… uh oh, looks like he’s reacting to the crabs. I know he’s not allergic to oysters because we have eaten lots of oysters before. So I knew what to do, emergency detox stuff to relieve the itches, go to the root cause… whatever toxins or allergens there were from the crabs.

Steam bathing – gave my son a steam bath to let him sweat out the toxins faster than letting him itch

Kidney cleansing – boiled avocado leaves and had him drink continuously after the steam bath

Colon cleansing – gave him 1/4 cup of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea to get rid of whatever may still be stuck in his guts

At 3 pm along with the itch, my boy also had tummy pain.

It seems in this case, this 5 year old boy of mine showed he was allergic to crabs. My 8 year old boy and my 4 year old girl were fine, no reaction whatsoever. Or maybe my 5 year old boy needs liver bile improvement measures.

This 5 yr old boy had good instincts… he ate lots of raw beef with me this evening for dinner.

The lesson for me here is not to feed this 5 year old boy crabs. Add it to his allergy list. Or maybe the crabs I got were polluted.

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