Success is the Progressive realization towards a worthy ideal.

This is an awesome pep talk from an old record on the secret of success. This is something I had always believed when I had my eczema in 2005. I had this sheer determination that I was going to solve and cure my eczema. And I did it spectacularly. And I wish all who have stumbled onto this website would be cured spectacularly just the same.

Decide now. What is it you want? Find your goal in your mind. Give yourself direction and a destination. I WANT TO BE ECZEMA / PSORIASIS CURED!!!

There are many things going for you these days. The internet is here. There are the multitudes of eczema cured / psoriasis cured people ahead of you. There are many healers around the world who know the cure and have written about the cure. The information is at our fingertips.

All you need to do is search for the authors with altruistic motives. All they are offering is information. The most they will ask you to buy is information. They usually do not sell you products they make money on. This is counter-intuitive to the way you know business works, but there are altruistic people out there and now the internet makes it possible to connect with them.

You will keep reading about me referring to different talented people like Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Hulda Clark, Henry Bieler, Barefoot Herbalist MH, Andreas Moritz and many others. Just tune in to their frequency, there are many who do know the road the real health. True cures are not profitable, you have to take pains to search for the information yourself.

Once you get your hands on the information, can you understand it? Can you execute it? Can you let go of your previous paradigms that keep you sick? Are you open to change to whatever it takes to be cured?

Nature will not let you douse yourself with umpteen chemicals and drugs, feast, party all night, get drunk and smoke if that’s what you think is fun. I did not invent the rules of nature. Nature is ruthless and absolute. This is just the way it is. Once you accept the physical laws of nature, you can work with your body and be absolutely healthy.

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