My eldest son has some scratch marks on his arms and legs

I noticed my eldest son, 8 years old has scratch marks on both his arms and his legs. He attributes this to mosquito bites. I don’t think so. If you ask his younger brother of 5 and his younger sister of 4, they know the cure, and it is in 3 letters: R-A-W.

I was playing with my 8 year old boy’s mind and his desires. I want him to be convinced to get on board 100% that yes, raw is the key. He has seen his 5 year old brother get well fast by merely going on a raw paleo diet for 1 week. Now he’s on a looser diet with some cooked meats and rice again. Still well.

I seem to be getting through to my 8 year old. I say one week. He says how about 1 month? How about 1 year? I told him if he did raw paleo diet for 1 year he would be a super boy. We can get rid of his tooth decay, we can get rid of his primary complex, and he will be a lot stronger.

It’s all in fun. A kid at 8 is different, he needs more persuasion than just being bossed around. This lunch time my boys ate freshly killed raw beef sliced by the butcher in the wet market. The driver was absent so I drove them back and forth from school. The maids preparing their lunch pack forgot to buy rice which ran out so they had some seared fish, but my 8 year old said he didn’t want any, so the maid did not pack him any lunch. Good. He’s going to be hungry. This was my chance. Hungry children, raw grass fed beef with yellow fat. I brought my chopsticks and fed my kids straight from the plastic bag while we were in the market “paluto” / “we will cook for you” eating tables area of the wet market.

I predict the outcome of 1 week of raw paleo diet on an 8 year old will be a smashing success. The only problem is if it can be done to him while he goes to school everyday. He already has the concept of being ashamed to eat raw beef with his classmates. Raw fish sashimi is more socially acceptable, let’s do that.


  1. Super ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your kids are very smart ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish the oldest boy all the best. He overcomes this

    All the best

    Luke Skywalker


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