Busy treating my son’s tuberculosis with some eczema symptoms

Hi sorry for the delay in posting new articles. I’ve been obsessed lately with reasearching about tuberculosis. My eldest son is not thriving, he is small for an 8 year old. He was diagnosed by various practitioners as having tuberculosis / primary complex, including an x-ray exam.

Now the WHO guidelines and the Philippine department of health want a sputum test and culture with 6 to 8 weeks to find out if a person is positive for tuberculosis. I find that kind of diagnostics appallingly idiotic in this day and age of the 21st century. Plus the WHO guidelines and the Philippine TB society and the free government programs’ touted solution is just a bunch of antibiotics to be taken for 6 to 9 months of the time. Plus if you see all those pictures of sick people in their websites, I don’t think my son deserves to be treated in a sick institution like that.

I’m taking this tuberculosis diagnosis with all seriousness as TB is a known killer in my country for more than a century. TB is related to the germ TB they say, plus parasitism in the lungs, dusty polluted air, plus the TB vaccine which actually introduced TB to my child 8 years ago when we did not know that vaccines actually caused HARM.

Why do I think the TB vaccine caused my child harm? They include the so called weakened live TB germs. But if you look at the conclusive TB cure experiments of Raymond Royal Rife, he states that the big TB bacteria you see in the microscope, when killed, releases virus sized TB germs that may actually kill, infect the patient. So the dummies in the TB vaccine making called the BCG are actually causing tuberculosis to spread with their TB vaccines… oh the conspiracy of it all… but this is not a movie, this is real life. And my child was harmed.

It was a good thing my wife and I woke up the the truth that childhood vaccines are harmful and chose NOT to vaccinate the next children.

My son also has eczema symptoms. Looking like “galis” or scabies. Lots of it around his body. He has some fresh wounds from scratching. Maybe it is scabies. And he also has a rough spot on his right arm, probably fungus? Or maybe related to his large intestine?

I chose the treatments for him. We are going through the cure manual with a few modifications for my boy. One primary treatment is Beam Ray / frequency generator / rife machine specifically for tuberculosis. The other is raw paleo diet stressing on raw beef muscle blood and raw beef muscle and fat… called Zomotherapy in the old days.

My boy is on a Raw / Cooked meat paleo diet with special nutritious foods like raw oysters, raw clams, wild river fish, wild river turtles, no rice, using cucumbers for his “rice” and fruits in season plus for his vegetables he gets Ka Rey Herbal 3 times a day.

His appetite has improved since we removed rice from his diet. Good sign. I want him to eat more meat instead of fruits. He gets a daily dose of raw / rare fatty beef.

See our latest report at http://www.myhealthblog.org/2009/08/23/3rd-beam-ray-session-for-tuberculosis-2-machines-pictures-video/

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