Good Deed of the Day: Told Mang Vic of the Cure for his Psoriasis

The whole family went out to the mountains today to get some fresh air. We stopped by the bulalo / bone marrow broth restaurant along the way. Mang Vic, the dependable owner of the restaurant was serving us personally. This time I noticed he had splotches on his face.

We had our nice bone marrow broth for the children. I had some myself to check if it was safe. As always, it seemed Mang Vic does not put MSG in his broth… and this was organic carabao… you can tell from the meat, it’s not fatty.

On the way out while paying for our meal, I asked Mang Vic what were the splotches on his face. He said it was psoriasis. He said he had treatment but it keeps coming back. Yes, of course, he must have used steroids. Nothing less than cleansing plus a totally new way of understanding diseases and a total change to a real healthy lifestyle will cure psoriasis.

So I told Mang Vic that I knew the cure for psoriasis because I was once sick too. I wrote down on his paper my website (Psoriasis Cure) and he also asked my name, which I wrote down too. I told him he could email me or call me. It is the least I could do for a dependable restaurant owner we frequent around these outskirts.

I hope he gets view this website. If you are reading this, Mang Vic, please send me an email!

Best wishes,

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