Kidney Cleansing works: Water Melon Juice reported cures eczema

A forum poster named Jenus describe his eczema as cured via drinking a lot of water melon juice. How’s that for intensive kidney cleansing? Maybe that was all that he needed:

I started developing eczema on the back of my neck and some part of my shoulder in November 2008. During those days,I found myself scratching my neck all the time as I woke up. The itching got worse whenever I wore turtle neck sweaters or clothes with collars. I saw a skin doctor and tried the lipo cream. The lipo cream stopped the itching but never healed the eczema plus it is a ridiculously pricey cream.(Luckily I got a free sample from the doctor.)After trying a few more creams, I gave up thinking I probably had to deal with this for the rest of my life until I started drinking Watermelon juice. I always like watermelon and this summer I start juicing it and drinking a mugful of watermelon juice after dinner every night. Probably by the third week I noticed my eczema did not itch as much and the skin felt not as rough and sandy. As for now, the eczema is totally gone and the skin on my neck and shoulder feels smooth and soft. I am not sure if this has something to do with watermelon juice but I am very happy it is gone. I hope this info will help people who suffer from eczema as well. By the way, I have gained 4 pounds from the watermelon juice so I cut it down to half a mug instead of a full mug. Good luck!

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The man gained 4 pounds from drinking watermelon juice? How come I can’t gain any weight from fruits? Maybe his diet has other things in it combined with the water melon juice made him gain weight.

Kidney cleansing works. I knew this to be visual photographed fact when I had avocado leaf tea everyday during my sick days and I saw the eczema in my right leg healing to the point at which kidney cleansing will do. Of course we do know that kidney cleansing is part of the eczema cure protocol. Don’t forget the rest of the eczema cure protocol, there’s lots more.

This reminds me to buy watermelons for my kids.


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