Is this Eczema or a Bite Infection or Tuberculosis symptoms?

If you’ve read my health blog, you will know I’m busy lately personally seeing that my 8 year old son is healed completely of his alleged tuberculosis / primary complex but sure malnutrition / not thriving. His skin shows some symptoms that may give us a clue. He has scars of scratches or insect bites on his arms and back and on his right arm he has a rough spot. And on his lower left leg there is an eczema type unhealing spot like an infection.

The rough spot on his right arm is perplexing. The energy and dorn healer Dr. Bien says it is connected with his large intestine problem. The muscle testing healer says it is fungus and also he has 2 polyps in his large intestine. And other people say the rough spot is fungus. And the faith healer Marlo has done his needle circling thing on it. I’ve tried beef fat on it. Lately our maid who knows some herbal stuff tried her cayenne in virgin coconut oil concoction on it.

Then on his left arm there is an unhealing little wound he keeps scratching. Where there are remnants of previous wounds. Let’s test for infections. I got my little spray bottle with Ismael water and hydrogen peroxide and sprayed… oohhh pain… and some white stuff… aha… some kind of infection.

Then on his left leg a bigger wound unhealing… spray again… aha… more white stuff… probably untreated infection.

I’ve set the maid to clean my boy’s wounds everyday with guava leaves tea and put her cayenne oil on it until it heals. Will also see if it needs ampalaya leaves as an antibiotic. And when they are just scars we will see if Sebo de Macho will work on removing the scars.

Maybe the wounds are insect bites. Lately I’ve been getting insect bites myself. They’re not mosquito bites. Some other kind of insect in our room. So I bought a product called neem plus organic insecticide from organic famer Gil Carandang, mixed 1 tablespoon with 1 liter of water and spray all around the house.

Wounds on left arm

Wounds on left arm

Wound on leg sprayed with hydrogen peroxide

Wound on leg sprayed with hydrogen peroxide

With my boy’s diet he is now effectively on Paleo Diet / Caveman Diet with raw and cooked meat, some raw fruits and some cooked vegetables. Only the most nutritious stuff. Lately he’s having grass fed fatty beef, wild frogs, wild turtle, fertilized eggs, wild tanguige fish, wild sea fish, wild river fishes, durian, guava, papaya, organic vegetables.

I started putting him on a high amounts of meat diet and will probably put him on a meat only diet for a few days to heal his large intestine if it is inflamed. Works for my own intestinal inflammations.

He’s been cleansed, we’ve done our cleansing procedures like liver flushes and a 1 day orange juice fast. Now it is time to calm down his intestinal inflammation which may have caused those polyps. Malnutrition may be caused by malabsorption of nutrients… inflamed intestines will do that. I’ve found roasted meat only very calming for intestines… no fermentation happening with meat only… so no fruits and no vegs temporarily.

Let’s wait and see.


  1. Have you googled MRSA infection. It is a form of staph infection. It starts out looking like a spider bite and can then turn into a boil, especially if scratched. A Dr. can take a culture to determine what it is. Good Luck

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  3. We have also had many skin issues including eczema and staff. Also poor digestion. One thing that really has helped us has been fermented foods like sour kraut and yogurt. Sounds like you are on a really healthy diet but check out Sally Fallon’s cook book too if you have a chance. She includes a lot of historical information about our traditional diets. Fermented foods have been part of our history and present in many cultures. Some of us have forgotten them and don’t eat them any more. Not only do they improve digestion, they also increase the nutrition of the food that is fermented.
    Good luck! Would love to find out what works best for you. Sounds like you are paying really close attention and trying lots of good things. Interesting though, I never thought meat helped the gut. How does it help?

  4. I have the same thing as your pictures, but all over. What is it??? I’ve been to 5 different dermatologists, nutritionist, lymph drainage specialist, and a naturopath, and a herbologist. Some things work and it temporarily goes away, but always comes back. It feels like my lymphs are swollen then they become what you have shown. Please any advice would be great.

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