The great flood of September 2009 caused by Typhoon Ondoy Ravaged our Village

If you noticed there was a pause in my blogging here on eczema and psoriasis cure.  Our family was in crisis when a sudden flash flood ravaged our entire city and ravaged our village in water and mud.  Our house is unlivable and our new car was sunk.  My office was unusable but luckily it was on the 3rd floor of a 3 story apartment complex, but my office is in the same village as our house.  We lost all our clothes, all home stuff like books, gadgets, herbs, etc.  See our story at

My office is now on virtual office mode.  Maybe it will remain so.  Maybe we will be able to find better office space.

My family is shacking up with the in-laws in a tiny condominium unit in Makati City.

This sudden change in living conditions allows me to write about new challenges.

My next article will be about our 4 year old girl who began having ear eczema again with pain and how we solved it.

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