How I switched from Fruitarianism to High Fat Raw Paleo Diet

I would like to share my experience on how I switched from fruitarianism during my cleansing phase to high fat raw paleo diet where I have settled which is building me up nutritionally today.  I lasted only 2 months on raw fruitarian, suffering from malnutrition symptoms, too thin, feeling cold all the time.  Now after almost 2 years on raw paleo diet I feel I’m in the best health of my life… and still getting better!

How did I switch from fruitarianism to a majority raw animal food diet? I eased into it. First with Wai Diet… fruitarian plus egg yolks plus raw sea food. Which was easy for me because it is culturally acceptable for me to eat raw eggs and raw fish / sashimi.

About 3 months later I got bored with just raw fish and ventured into raw land animal meats with the education from the books of Aajonus Vonderplanitz and transition tips and handholding of Geoff Purcell. Rarer and rarer seared beef / goat. Until I felt it better to just eat the land animal meat raw.

Then I gradually increased my fat and raw meat intake until I was already doing more fat than carbs. No rush, just patience. It’s about creating new habits.

I appreciate high fat low carb for the disappearance of hypoglycemia symptoms of hunger until my hands shook until I get my next carb shot… I always thought that was normal. Now I’m so satisfied that does not happen anymore.

My experience taught me that I needed to take it slow with the transition to let the body adjust and make stronger and stronger digestive juices.

Of course all this will be affected by your current and previous state of health and why you ventured into fruitarianism.

I used to be awfully sick and my digestive system was wrecked see so that is where I came from and this is where my beyond the cure of symptoms journey has led me to. Raw paleo diet has given me more health than I ever imagined when I was sick and was eventually symptom free.

My raw paleo diet these days is mostly raw grass fed never frozen beef, raw tuna, raw duck eggs, raw fruits in season (durian is fatty, papaya, guavas, lanzones, some coconut juice and coconut meat)

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