Stay away from insane inflammation causing carbohydrate parties

Last night I attended a party. The food was as insane as it gets in our commercial twisted world. None of the food was safe for any eczematic or psoriatic sick people. It was carbs, carbs, carbs and more carbs with starches, sugar and booze with inflammation causing condiments. So are humans now starchitarians? Now I see why humans are sick these days.

The first facsimile of food that arrived were several boxes of pizza. Thin crust and thick crust. Any of you who have pizza faces have pizza to blame. Wheat is inflammation causing and constipating and mucus forming and dehydrating plus the tomato sauce in pizza is inflammation causing as it is a nightshade, and the ham on the pizza has preservatives and the pork used is not organic. Cheese is made from pasteurized and not organic cow’s milk which is also constipating and mucus forming.

Then they had tortilla chips with cheese dip. Where tortillas come from genetically modified corn. Ground up and dried with preservatives. The cheese dip is commercially processed with lots of chemicals. All dehydrating and constipating.

Then people drowned their thirst in either soft drinks or beer. Insane sugar drinks. Beer making people dizzy.

Then there were little cupcakes with lots of sugar fake cream on top… why didn’t they use real cream? With little stars of sugary colored candies on top.

Then came the pasta. Noodles made of wheat.

Then came the braso de mercedes. Whipped egg yolks and egg whites with sugar of course and other material.

Then came the french fries and cheese sticks. Potatoes are inflammation causing. Fried in hydrogenated vegetable cooking oil… also inflammation causing. The frying of these carbs cause acrylimides to be made and as healers say these are the true culprits of heart disease.

If you are currently sick, you should be aware enough what a binge like this will do to you, how much damage you can receive from such a catastrophic meal. If you call this a meal.

Humans have been going in worse and worse directions. Starchitarianism and carbohydratism is so wrong it rings all alarm bells. No amount of praying will help you cure your eczema or psoriasis if you cannot help yourself by avoiding any of the starchitarian and carbohydrate madness.


  1. Now I know better.. Thanks a lot.

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