When you are eczema or psoriasis sick, absolutely stay away from pasta and pizza

I would like to state an observation of psoriasis sick and eczema sick people: they will always find an excuse to indulge in their pasta and pizza addiction. Either they say this does not happen very often, or that they do not want to “deprive” themselves. Eating just once of the pasta and pizza with all that wheat, tomato sauce and cheeze is already a disaster. Deprived of what? Deprived of getting well?

A few days ago MIL went to an Italian restaurant and of course ordered everything bad for her. There was pasta in tomato sauce. There was pizza with cheese and tomato sauce. Yum yum for the addicts. But of course you know what happens the next day. Breakout! MIL had been suffering itchy eczema “bumps” on different parts of her body lately. Of course the very next day she had eczema bumps on her forehead. You all know why, she ate pasta and pizza.

It’s just not worth it. When you are as cured as I am and has been so for a couple of years, you can taste a couple of those nasty items like pizza and pasta. But why would I? In my experience, a few hours later my intestines are hard at work excreting the nasty allergenic combination of wheat, cheese and tomato sauce. It’s just not my food. It’s just not your food either. One man’s food is another man’s poison.

So what if you are going to a party or throwing the party, do yourself a favor and do what needs to be done. There is always a way, there is always a reason if you are determined enough to get well.

I’m pointing to obvious character flaws of eczema and psoriasis sick people being suckers for punishment… I think masochists is the word.

My breakfast was raw duck eggs and raw durian fruit. What did you have for breakfast?

My lunch today was 100% all raw Norwegian wild salmon. What did you have for lunch?

To quench my thirst I may have fresh coconut water and coconut meat or calamansi juice with raw honey.

My dinner tonight will be raw grass fed beef. What will you be having for dinner?

Habits people, habits. Nourishing diet. Healing diet. Curing diet.

You may think my logistics seem impossible for you, but where there is a will, there is way.


  1. I agree w/ your post 100% and i laud you for giving free health advice/tips on this site.

    However, just ’cause you’ve managed to cure yourself from eczema, that doesn’t mean you can go around passing judgement on other people.. Not everyone has the will power as you you have and in case you have forgotten, it is but human to give in to cravings or temptation. If they continue to eat pizza and pasta and suffer a break-out, let them face the consequences and learn from it. BUT PLEASE, DO NOT CASTIGATE.

    Also, if I may be blunt, I don’t appreciate the arrogant tenor of this post and a lot of your older posts as if you’re the most knowledgeable person in the world, the healthiest person in the world, and the diet you espouse the best, most superior in the world. While the rest of us mere mortals, frail and imperfect as we are, who are not as strong-willed as yourself, are being doomed to illness and suffering.

    I hope that your being a self-proclaimed healer has not gotten into your head.

    P.S. I wonder how many people in Italy suffer from eczema/psoriasis and if the mortality rate there is high with all the pasta and pizza that they consume.

  2. Hi Jay,

    I may sound harsh, but I just want people to get well. Getting well from so called incurable diseases is like being an athlete in training. You’ve got to really want it, you have to go for it 100% or more to win.

    Think about how Freddie Roach made a champion out of Manny Pacquiao, sure Freddie is strict because he wants Manny to win.

    I have to be strict with my children and my brother and myself, because our lives depend on it. I was truly sick, my brother was deathly sick. So it’s a matter of life or death if I may sound harsh then let it be harsh, it’s better than dying.

    What many eczematics and psoriatics think is that this disease is not possibly life threatening. Well they should probably make that change in attitude and think about eczema and psoriasis as seriously as they take CANCER. CANCER brings shivers down the spine of most people and they will do anything and everything when they are diagnosed with CANCER.

    I say eczematics and psoriatics need to be as serious with their disease brand as CANCER. Only then will they be able to see my posts as NOT HARSH. That I may even be looked on as a KINDLY and ALARMED healer who just wants all to be well.

    Be well Jay and thank you for writing.

    Re Italians and their pasta, note that they consume a lot of extra virgin olive oil along with their pasta. Plus they also eat rare / raw beef. So maybe it balances out in some way. But there will always be a portion of the population who cannot tolerate wheat, these people are branded with celiac disease.

  3. More on Italy and Wheat Free Diets and Celiac Disease from CeliacChicks.com:

    Italy is gluten-free heaven (although some Italians beg to differ since you can’t get a gluten-free hamburger bun at McDonald’s) in large part because everyone in Italy knows about celiac disease. When you ask restaurant staff about gluten-free food (il cibo senza glutine), they automatically respond with the question “Do you have celiac disease?”

    All Italians are tested for celiac disease at an early age. The many who test positive receive great services: a monthly stipend from the government for gluten-free food plus extra vacation time to shop for and prepare gluten-free food! Also, the companies that sell gluten-free products have all worked to promote awareness and understanding of celiac disease. It is a law that gluten-free food must be made available in schools, hospitals, and public places and that all pharmacy products and food labels must indicate the presence of gluten if present. In Italy, you can even study for a Master’s degree in “Celiac Disease: From Diagnosis to Management.”

    visit http://www.celiacchicks.com/italy/

  4. Thank you very much for posting this great article.

    And thank you for your comments back to Jay..

    This is why I love comments so much. Cuz in most cases they prove to be more valuable than the article itself!

    Some may look at Jay’s comment as a “negative” one. But no comment is negative. Every comment is an opportunity to respond in a way that adds more value to the content of the article.

    And from your response to Jay, people, including me, will gain a deeper appreciation for you as a person (whoever you are 😉 and gain a better sense of your personality. Which leads to more loyal readers, customers, referrals, etc.

    My fiance has suffered from eczema type rashes. And scratching, soy (in foods, supplements, and personal care products), tomatoes, peanuts, almonds, spices, and salt is what sets it off – big time!

    Although these are the main triggers, the main *cause* of the flare ups was lack of self-control as your article states.

    She has gotten so much better though. Her diet is pretty bland, but she likes to season her foods with lemon, onions, and cilantro.

    A key benefit of the change in HER diet has been the cause of change in MY diet. Which in turn, reinforces what needs to be done, and helps with her struggle to stay disciplined.

    Thanks again.

    I will promote your site to my followers on Twitter.


  5. THANK YOU so much for sharing your experience. I agree with you 100%. I’m obligated to share our story and where we are at the moment…
    I’m father of a son having Psoriasis at age 5 (Yes, it’s hard to explain 5 years old what it’s like to be living with Psoriasis and explaining other 5 years old classmates and teachers/school). We committed to ourselves that we will have to find a ‘reason’ behind this bizarre condition as living with it at this early age is not an option for our son. He already started asking us difficult questions regarding his appearance…..

    We started out reading and analyzing our surroundings (clothing, colors of clothing, eating log, bathing every single day with Tersa Tar shampoos, sleeping, weather condition, stress level, exposure to Sun, etc) and we were some what convinced that it’s lack of sun exposure along with every single day bathing…. we applied steroids that dermatologist suggested along with increased exposure to Sun and he started to heal to about 70% clear….we also thought of pizza as a problem and just ‘avoided’ it but continued spaghetti/pasta lunches for him in school. So his level of clearance never went up from 70% as there were intermittent lunches of spaghetti, which appears to be a triggering factor but not as much as the pizza.

    Few days ago he went for a sleep over at his uncle’s place and he had a pizza dinner and next day he got at least 15 new liaisons (quite a few new liaisons on his face) that were not present before while nothing else changed. So, just to see if someone else has shared their thoughts on this correlation, I thought of goggling string ‘pizza, psoriasis’ and here comes your first hit and article…..I AGREE that you have to treat it like a cancer if you really want to get rid of it….FIND A TRIGGER FACTOR AND ELIMINATE IT. NO EXCUSES/EXCEPTIONS!
    We are applying steroids now on new liaisons and hopefully he will be cleared soon. After that, ABSOLUTELY NO PIZZA, PASTA, SPAGHETTI, TOMATO SAUCE OF ANY KIND, AND CHEESE.

    Wish you and others all the best.

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