Three Fundamental Mistakes In Skin Disease Treatment by Dr Tsai

I was gifted with a fantastic book by Dr. Tsai, the Chinese doctor educated in Japan and one who has clinics worldwide specializing in the cure for all skin diseases. In the following excerpt, Dr. Tsai mentions 3 fundamental mistakes in skin disease treatment.

Let me summarize the general misunderstandings that exist with regard to skin disease treatments in modern medicine:

Misunderstanding number 1 – “do not scratch your skin”

In general, doctors will tell you not to scratch your skin when you suffer from an itching sensation. This is wrong because itching is the result of your bodily processes ridding allergens (foreign bodies) from the body through the skin. There is only one way to scatter the foreign matter out from the body: to scratch. Therefore, scratching is a necessary and sufficient action for eliminating allergens out of the body.

Misunderstanding number 2 – Use ointments, oils and lotions.

Unhealthy skin means that allergens are present in the body. Allergens, which are working out of the body, go backward into the cell if you put ointment on to shield the skin surface. You cannot cure skin diseases as long as you depend on ointments, oils and lotions.

Misunderstanding number 3 – Take anti-allergic, immuno-suppressive, and anti-pruritic agents as needed for treatment.

Since these internal medicines suppress the activities of metabolic wastes, the wastes will remain and hide in the body as you continue to take the drug. Also, these drugs actually become internal toxins furthering your condition and making a cure for your skin disease impossible.

from page 39 of “Any kind of Skin Diseases can be Radical cured by naigaikyoukou method” (yes, I know the english is a little funny, Dr. Tsai was born in China, educated in Japan and living in Japan.)

As an eczema cured person I heartily agree with everything Dr. Tsai has said in his book. It seems cured people come up with the same conclusions even if we had never known each other.

Here is an English website that has translated Dr. Tsai’s teachings into English.


  1. That’s the first time I ever heard that you should scratch your skin! But, it makes sense! If your body is telling you that you are itchy, there must be a reason and effect it wants to accomplish!
    I totally agree on avoiding the immunosuppressants — Never suppress your immune system! It is acting up because of something going on inside that needs fixed, not the outbreak! As far as the lotions and oils go ….. maybe in moderation — but, indeed you need to hydrate the body within. Water hydrates and natural oils prevent dehydration.

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