Misunderstanding number 2 – Use ointments, oils and lotions

I would like to expound on Dr. Tsai the skin disease healer’s statement about why one should not use ointments, oils and lotions:

Unhealthy skin means that allergens are present in the body. Allergens, which are working out of the body, go backward into the cell if you put ointment on to shield the skin surface. You cannot cure skin diseases as long as you depend on ointments, oils and lotions.

My brother is my example in this case. He felt that if he did not put on his daily Vaseline petroleum jelly his skin would dry out crack and fall off in chunks. Yet it was petroleum jelly that was the poison, toxin daily bombardment that was clogging his skin and liver he almost died of liver cirrhosis.

The trick is to rehabilitate yourself like an addict. You know, and Dr. Tsai knows that being dependent on ointments, oils and lotions is a dead end. It may be a necessary crutch for now, but you have to work your way up to eliminate them once and for all. Don’t fall in love with them, let them go, they eventually have to go.

Rehab is like picking safer ointments, oils and lotions. Safer may be something more edible. The golden rule in putting something on your skin is:

“If you cannot eat it, do not put it on your skin.”

And even if it is edible, you don’t really have to put it on all the time. For example I use fresh raw calamansi and dab it on my underarms when I go out to a meeting as my deodorant. But I don’t do this every single day. If I watch my diet that it is clean and raw, there’s not much odor anyway.

Then there is to use less and less of the ointments, oils and lotions every day.

You nutritionally replenish yourself with a paleolithic diet of any variant of your choosing that works for you and you use less and less of the crutch ointments, oils and lotions until you don’t need them anymore.

Only you can determine the pace of phasing out.

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