Misunderstanding number 3 – Take anti-allergic, immuno-suppressive, and anti-pruritic agents as needed for treatment

I would like to expound on this topic as described by the great skin disease cure doctor Dr. Tsai who resides in Japan and has clinics around the world:

Misunderstanding number 3 – Take anti-allergic, immuno-suppressive, and anti-pruritic agents as needed for treatment.

Since these internal medicines suppress the activities of metabolic wastes, the wastes will remain and hide in the body as you continue to take the drug. Also, these drugs actually become internal toxins furthering your condition and making a cure for your skin disease impossible.

We the cured people and those who routinely cure people and teach people know by experience of success and failure that skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis is your body doing the best it can under terrible conditions. Your body’s priority is to provide pure blood and it will sacrifice teeth, bones or skin to be able to provide balance / homeostasis.

Your eczema or psoriasis or whatever your doctor wants to call it is a defense mechanism, a method to achieve balance, to expel toxins. Misunderstanding number 3, taking these immune suppression drugs is absolutely wrong as they sabotage the very defense mechanism your body is using to help you survive. You may look uglier with bad skin but it keeps you alive. Immune suppression drugs act like suppressing the relief valve of a pressure cooker, this causes further internal injury to the body. Continue taking these immune suppression drugs to stop your body from expelling toxins and your body will resort to forming cysts. Then your doctor will call it cancer. The word cancer will catch your attention.

Put your money where your mouth is.

In 2007, my brother found himself in a hospital for some reason and the resident doctor was insistent he be given powerful steroids because her wrongheaded medical mindset taught her skin disease should be addressed by immune suppression drugs. I came to my brother’s rescue and had to shout a lot of swear words at that harpy doctor.

I gladly discharged my brother out of that hospital against doctors recommendations. I signed their waiver form. Instead of using the usual health insurance, we paid our way in cash for going against doctors orders. Good riddance. Money well spent to not be victimized further by the medical profession.

Remember that my brother almost died in 2007, maybe that one incident where we kicked out the immunosupressive drugs from being given to my brother may have been the tipping point to his death if he had followed doctors orders.

Curing people of eczema and psoriasis should never be based on superstitious western medical non-thinking dogma (which keeps repeating there is no cure for anything), it is only cure results that matter. Dr. Tsai cures eczema, psoriasis and many funny sounding disease names. Dr Tsai’s skin disease science is correct.

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