Anthroposophy and Homeopathy Medicines vs Raw Paleo Diet

MIL is still having itchy bumps on various parts of her body. Lately she also admitted to have lots of warts all over her body. I suggested raw paleo diet and beam ray treatments for the warts. The thought of raw meat immediately turns her off. The thought of not eating wheat products was unappealing to her it tickled her religious bone that “God would not have created wheat as food if wheat was all bad”.

So MIL went to the Anthroposophic + Homeopathic doctor to have herself thoroughly checked. Results were she got a list of impressive sounding names for her symptoms. What was more impressive was she got a list of 11 different medicines, potions, tables, powders, etc and the whole list cost her 11,000 pesos. Very good profits for a 1 hour doctor’s meeting. Of course her check list of things to take was impressive. So many drops of this, so much coffee stirrer of that, every few hours, so many times a day. Complex stuff.

Give me diet change any time rather than a lunch box full of medicines. My bet is the body has much more powerful mechanisms given the laid out cure protocols, the body knows instinctively what to do. The anthroposophic and homeopathic method may and does work sometimes, but 11 different medicines is just plain complicated, MIL must be staking so much faith in something like that. You bet it is faith, do you really know what is in those 11 medicines?

I have more faith in real raw food. I know what I am eating all the time and where it comes from. Food is more powerful medicine, and it’s safer too.

Choices are available to all of us. I hope MIL realizes soon enough that a raw paleo diet or some variant of it is waiting for her as the best medicine.


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