Spontaneous Recovery is the best care for skin disease

I will be tapping on the knowledge of Dr. Tsai for a change. Dr. Tsai in his book answers his own question: What should you do when you find something wrong in the skin? Do not use drugs, steroids or ointments. Diet change is first on the agenda.

Dr. Tsai says diet largely influences the body. That food is thought of as a type of drug in Chinese Medicine. He recommends animal : plant food ratio of 3:7. And try to take a variety of only natural foods.

Dr. Tsai recommends eating anything as whole as much as possible. When eating vegetables, eat every single part including root, leaves, stem.

Avoid high calorie foods. Home cook foods instead of eating frozen or processed foods.

Women should stop using cosmetics. Cosmetics contain many harmful chemicals.

Rest and sleep well.

If you take care of yourself and improve your daily life, chances are you will recover from simple skin troubles.

However, not all skin diseases are simple and the other chronic and difficult to cure diseases may need intervention by Dr. Tsai’s Naigaikyoukou method.

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