Unyquity: What is the best Liver Flush? Liver Flush 101

Let me introduce to you again the liver flush. This time, a most wonderful and complete discussion from Unyquity in the CureZone forums. I myself am a veteran of 20++ liver flushes and have done some of the liver flushes discussed here and have done liver flushes not discussed here.

Liver flushing is a basic foundation of healing and I believe needs to be done by most people. I got tired of 20++ liver flushes and resorted to an all raw diet and a 14 day orange juice fast. My all raw diet today includes raw fruit, few raw vegs, raw meat and raw fat from land animals and ocean animals, technically called a raw paleolithic diet… the original human diet before cooking.

Oh I cheat sometimes for social purposes, my idea of cheating is cooked meat.

My regimen today that helps me flush my liver whenever I like is 2 raw duck eggs in the morning. If I need something more powerful that can be done with children, I can do an egg yolk liver flush… all natural, no chemical liver flush, just egg yolks, lemon, virgin coconut oil / butter.

Healthiest of greetings!

I’m seeing some folks struggling with foundational issues on this, so we need some basic knowledge and information here.

–A healthy liver creates 1 – 1 1/2 quarts of bile daily – releasing it as needed.

–A liver “flush” is simply avoiding foods/fluids/herbs that cause the liver to release bile throughout the day, then ingesting a substantial quantity of oil that causes the saved bile to release and “flush” through the myriad of biliary ducts…dislodging debris and pushing it out.

It’s that basic, and that simple. Save up the bile, release it all at once – bongo-bango-bingo LIVER FLUSH.

I’ll talk about some of the various ‘optional components’ below, but first there’s one thing that desperately needs to be addressed and understood:

There is virtually NO WAY to determine (by flushing) which method of flushing is “best”, because one’s liver is NEVER in the same condition before each flush as it was in the flush before!!! When healing & cleansing the natural body, there is NEVER a need to ingest unnatural/toxic substances that stress or compromise the body!

Repeat the above as many times as you need to repeat it to grasp it Cool

Why is this true? The liver is NOT like the colon (which is simply one long basic tube) – the liver has 4 quadrants and an extremely complex system of biliary ducts & tubing. The build-up of debris/stale bile/stones/sludge/chaff (particularly in the quadrant of the liver that’s furthest away from the “gallbladder & exit”), must make an elaborate, labyrinthine, LONG journey throughout the liver & gallbladder before we EVER see it as “results”.

Imagine your liver in your mind’s eye: the liver is about the size of a football – divide that football into four basic sections…then fill each section with as much tubing as you can imagine (cram it in there tightly), and make the tubing size be anywhere from the diamater of a straight pin, to the the diameter of a pencil. And if there’s liver flukes, they’re stuck onto the tubing/liver, and their tails are hanging down clogging up the already complex tubing. Then put one tube heading from the liver to the gallbladder, and another tube from the gallbladder to the duodenum (right under the stomach).

Now imagine hooking up a “garden hose” to the football, and squirting a quart of water (bile) into the biliary tubing. Imagine that bile making it’s way through all that tubing. What ended up coming out at the very end? Yes, almost everything that came out was what was in the gallbladder already. (Nothing comes “out” of the BACK of the liver, until it makes it’s way forward to the ‘exit door’).

Remember now – no matter WHICH “flush” you do, that IS what happens.

The results of ANY flush IS entirely dependent upon where all the debris is in your liver (and how impacted it is) BEFORE you do the flush. And every flush IS successful, no matter WHAT you see (or don’t see) in the colander. Progress is a process!

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