All Detox and NO Diet Change equals NO CURE

This is constructive criticism for those who are wonderfully happily detoxing their way seeing improvements in their eczema and psoriasis ordeals. Detox protocols have value. Up to a point. And only up to that point and then nothing.

You really must look into diet changes. You really need to make those diet adjustments. You may really have the need to go temporary fruitarian for 3 days, or raw vegan for 1 month, and eventually mostly raw paleolithic diet for a good long time. But please, never ever going back to a mostly SAD / Standard Urban Junk Food Diet.

Fasting for example is serious business. It is a healing tool.

Change in diet is for the rest of your life. Your diet has to change if you wish to see any real cure happen that stays with you for the rest of your life.

This change in diet to something better will not only make your skin look good, it will make you totally healthy.

You will have to completely say goodbye to all wheat in whatever form. Say goodbye to all pasteurized dairy in whatever form. Say goodbye to all processed meats and non-organic meats. Say goodbye to all soy and legumes… no matter the marketing lies they say about soya.

You need an education in diets available. There are lots of them. I heartily recommend viewing this interview with Dr. Stanley Bass of as a wake up call.

All roads lead to the original human diet, a mostly raw paleolithic diet. Raw meat, raw vegetables, raw fruit.

Wow, this interview is like a dream come true. I have always admired Dr. Stanley Bass’ website. He is 91 years old and would like to give away all his knowledge for free in his website. Use his experience, use his experiments… incorporate them in your thought processes, you do not need to make the same mistakes, learn from Dr. Stanley Bass.

Dr Bass has done almost all diets and many different fasts there is and used to have a natural hygiene clinic. He has written books that have helped people improve their diets. Dr. Bass eats raw meat, raw vegetables and raw fruits.

There are people like me who are self taught, self learning. But there are people who you need to reach out to, to guide them to a level where they can relate to you and improve their diet and all their diseases go away… cured!

Because of Stanley Bass and other like him, I stand on their giant shoulders and I can achieve more of where I want my health direction to go.

Let’s all thank Paul Nison for this rare interview of Dr. Stanley Bass:





and now for Paul Nison’s video reply to Dr. Stanley Bass’ interview:

Visit Dr. Stanley Bass’ super informative website at


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