Raw Life Health Show: Had Psoriasis since he was 6 years old, then Multiple Sclerosis, now Healed

A New York City man cured himself of multiple sclerosis and a psoriasis diagnosis since 6 years of age. This video was shot November 2009 interview by Paul Nison of the Raw Life Healthshow #153.

The diseases multiple sclerosis and psoriasis are classified as incurable by conventional medicine which as we all know is of limited knowledge and unsuitable for these diseases. Robin found out and read Paul Nison’s books, did his detox and diet change and found his cure.

I sure hope that after his temporary raw vegan stint he shifts to a nutritious body building diet with rare or raw organic meats.

Paul Nison is a former raw vegan who has recently realized that raw veganism is only good for a limited amount of time. Paul now experiments with small amounts of raw animal foods.

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