Blood Detox / Lymph Detox Machine Now Available in Singapore

Do you remember my coverage of Dr. Tsai’s website? The Chinese doctor who now resides in Japan and cures all skin diseases routinely? Dr. Tsai has a blood / lymph detox machine, a suction machine, much like a very efficient scratcher which in the pictures and description in his book sucks out the toxins already in the lymph and in the surface of the skin that the body wants to expel. There is immediate relief when these toxins are led out.

Just to let you know that the blood detox machine and herbs are now available in Singapore!

Price is S$ 160 per session. Treatment depends on condition & health. Although it recommended once a week. Treatment can last up to 2 & half hrs, depending on condition.

Patients are also advised to do full detox- liver flush & colon cleanse etc. Also, take the herbs. There are 2 courses. When starting program, there is the pills & tea to take for about a month, after that, depends on the condition & may changed to another powdered herb.

For Chinese speakers
Contact: Dr lim phone:62840343;
mobile: 90082463;
address: 122 MIDDLE ROAD #01-10 MIDLINK PLAZA (188973)

For English speakers
Contact: Jason Gan

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