Detox symptoms may continue for quite some time, keep at doing the right thing: Get Healthy

The key to being cured of any of these skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or whatever you want to call them is to GET HEALTHY. You first admit that while on the drugs / steroids and standard urban diet (wrong food pyramid of cooked everything carb based diet and low fat) your base reference health is low and sick. Then you work your way up making your WHOLE self healthy, and the skin will eventually follow.

Once you have done your detoxes, keep doing the correct lifestyle changes and diet changes and keep observing yourself. Take your time. If you’ve been sick for a long time, then it will take some time to get healthy, but in a few months you will see and feel a big difference. Never stop improving, baseline health is so low there are lots of upward improvement to go to.

Doc Sutter II at said in his book and audio CD that the only way to cure diseases is to GET HEALTHY. It was a good time to re-listen to his teachings.

My personal recommendation is that on a majority raw paleo diet and some fasting and some egg yolk liver flushes, and some Bielers’ soup while listening to your body’s signals, you will get there… There is to be immensely healthy, not just symptom free, healthy to points you never thought was possible.

Of course you may still get a few spots every now and then, but you know it’s just detox. You know enough not to put anything on your spot. You know that if it needs weeping, let it weep, squeeze it out or suction therapy it or what. Your body wants toxins out, let it out, don’t let it stay. No drugs is the big big key here. Your body is finally able to do what it must to cure itself.

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