Ad free Eczema Cure Manual coming soon

I looked at the eczema cure protocols section and I was dismayed by its current presentation. I want something better. I want newbies to be focused, not confused or misled by advertising. This post is a reminder to myself that I should be creating a new 2010 eczema cure protocol that is ad free. Of course this new eczema cure manual will not be free of charge. But for a minor amount, the new eczema cure manual will be ad free… no distractions from ads.

Why am I thinking of charging a fee for the new website? Well I have to pay my web designers who will be designing it. I also have to be motivated myself. If I’m getting paid for it, the quality of the work will come out better. I want the new eczema cure manual to be comprehensive. Everything in it. No need to link to external websites for information.

It is 2010, and I want a new eczema cure manual to reflect my thoughts today. No distracting pollutions of stumbling along and learning along and experimenting along from 2005 to 2009.

The question is, are people willing to pay? That depends on their level of determination to get well.

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