Graduating from herbal colon cleansers and colonics

Have you tried any form of colon cleansing? Have you tried colonics / colon hydrotherapy? Or even better, those colon cleansers like Colosan or Oxypowder or Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea? Did you know that colon constipation is the top cause of diseases? Did you know you can graduate… advance your health to a higher level where you do not need any colon cleansing aids for years and years?

I’ve done it. From a sluggish colon to an active colon that works daily in the mornings. This is how I did it.

My first encounter with detoxing the colon was with colon hydrotherapy. Expensive full 5 course session costing 15,000 pesos. When we discovered Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea, at 1,500 pesos per bottle I now can vouch that it is more powerful and more effective than colon hydrotherapy… cheaper too.

Then I enrolled in Barefoot Herbalist MH’s school and he said that Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Balance capsules re-trained people’s colon so that it restored the colon muscles. I took these LBBs for 2 months and yes it did do that job.

I then learned through my fruitarian experience that my colon moved effortlessly. Then I learned through raw paleo diet that raw fat moves bowels also effortlessly but which was better was my stools were now solid and moving.

Then I learned about optimal sitting. That squatting was the nature prescribed way of pooping. Unfortunately I grew up in Manila with toilet bowls so I adjusted my pooping style by sitting as if squatting at the edge and sometimes twisting my body.

I learned that if I had enough hydration in my body with hydrating fruits and lots of raw fat in a high fat low carb raw paleo diet, I moved my colon effortlessly. I learned that if I ate on schedule, my body could be trained to poop on cue.

Every morning we would have some hydrating fruit like watermelons, melons or papayas. I do not choose sugar bomb fruits. These hydrating fruit also cause me to move. The pressure built up around 6:30am allows me to move my bowels a bit later or even later in the morning at the office.

Then I learned that I should learn to move my bowels wherever whenever. No more queasiness that I should only move at home. Where was pooping home? Everywhere and anywhere. Learn how to poop in the office, get a good toilet seat. See to it I have toilet paper in my pack, my office, my car. That I can just push down my pants and boom, learn to wipe with just toilet paper if a water dipper is not available. No sweat.

Daily relief is such a great feeling. Always clean.

The 108 year old health guy at Age Less Live More says his #1 most important tip is to keep the colon moving. Those colonics and herbal colon cleansers are not natural and not without any possible side effects. So the less we depend on them, the better.

I am glad to be on a raw paleo diet so now I am above the fray of colon cleansing tools. Not that I am dismissing them altogether now, I will use them in the future when the time comes that I will need them… but not now and not in the near future.

Good luck with your cleanses. You will graduate soon enough when you learn enough about your own body and what makes you tick.


  1. Very interesting blog! Everyone should know that moving regularly is very vital to our health! I was thinking about doing Barefoot’s LBB, but instead went to a naturopath who formulates his own gentle herbal tonics. I love them and wish I could afford to continue them. I once tried Colonix and my body did not like that at all!

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