Chime in with your thoughts on an ad-free eczema cure website

My staff and I are busy constructing a new ad free eczema cure website. Just like this current website, there has to be a funding mechanism or it won’t happen. My staff won’t work on it because I’ll have nothing to pay them with.

My dissatisfaction with the current eczema cure website is that newbies are confused with the advertising. Although it is nice that we receive a small amount of tips in advertising revenue… really really small, it keeps us going.

What I foresee in the ad free eczema cure website is a self contained website / book like where no external links are made. Everything is self contained in that website. It will be a living book, open to editing and improvement. All the detoxing, all the diet, all the techniques inside, no need to be confused by going to several websites.

For legal purposes, I heard in some first world countries it is illegal to claim cures…. I’ll just call it my private family cure manual, aimed at my blood relatives… blood relatives get in for free… if you are not a blood relative and would like to peer into my own domestic manual, you’ll need to pay a small fee. My blood relatives are eczematic, using eczema as a coping mechanism. If they lived life the way it should be lived, they wouldn’t need their eczema capability activated.

How small a fee? I’m thinking just $5 / month should do it. Automated stuff. Via Paypal. If the reader is dissatisfied and thinks this solution is not for him, then he just lost $5, terminate the subscription. I doubt if anyone needs to read this for more than a year.

I will no longer retain the old news in this eczema cure website as it includes a lot of learning and experimentation on my part from 2006 to 2009. I’ll go fast forward and begin with what I currently know this 2010. None of those too long experiments on raw veganism… geezzzz… humans are omnivores. None of those supplements… geez, real food works a whole lot better. Yes, you really have to go on a raw foods diet which includes raw meat and raw fat. Really, no joke.

This old eczemacure website remains. The new one will be like a living book.

If you have any ideas, what you would like to see in the ad free eczema cure website, please post your suggestions here.

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