Assert yourself versus your loved ones when it comes to a Raw Food Diet

Most of today’s mental conditioning worships magic potions like drugs or herbs as instant cures for diseases. Yet by now you know that in real life, diseases do not work that way. Eventually if you want a true cure in every sense for your disease you will come up to a raw food diet. Unfortunately when you search the internet and look for natural healers most of them have been hijacked with the raw vegan only mentality.

Why the raw vegan mentality has an “edge” in mindshare because of the short term detoxing benefits of raw veganism. The body is given a rest from cooked protein and cooked fats. Then he or she suffers malnutrition. Sure you have no more eczema or psoriasis symptoms but now you’ve got malnutrition. Pick your poison.

You cannot detox forever. And you cannot fast forever. See that raw veganism has short term benefits. If you are a doctor / healer it gives you brownie points as people only see you short term. But in this website we are talking long term health… years and years of health. And the lack of meat, lack of animal protein and animal fat will cause malnutrition and other illnesses. You will have to eat meat eventually. What you do need is raw meat.

This is where practitioners of the raw paleolithic diet can come in and keep you company and show you the way, show you how it is done. Join up at and visit their sister website You really do need to learn how to navigate, read and learn from forums. This is cutting edge educational material. There you will find people who have hopped around diets, were gravely ill and are now fully well with a wealth of experience.

Now there are loved ones who are concerned about the hysteria against eating raw meat and large quantities of raw fat. Raw paleo diet practitioners will tell you that it is a high raw fat diet and a low raw carb diet that is optimal. That raw animal food is a different class of food from cooked animal foods which are used on those studies they refer to.

If you cannot get your loved ones to accept that YOU-HAVE-TO-DO-THIS raw meat inclusive diet (raw paleo diet is meat, vegs, fruit)… do it anyway. If they violently object, you had better find a way you can heal in peace and just get back to them when you are well. There is no use of this “love” if you are going to sacrifice your health and your life for it.

I’m just speaking from experience. When my wife objected to my first effective in-house healer, I fled. I fled to my brother’s home and there I stayed until I was well enough. When I entered a raw vegan diet and raw fruitarian diet, the only objections I had were that I was getting too thin. When I added raw meat to my diet I got bad faces for it but I didn’t mind and continued until they got used to it. My wife and in laws saw I was looking much better with the raw meat and raw fat added to my raw fruit diet they finally accepted that hell yes, this does work for me. So now I can eat a sane lunch or dinner with the whole family while I eat my own food.

When I get fish sashimi, everyone shares in it. When I get my raw beef, I eat it alone with zero presentation, just using my scissors to cut away.

Never accept your disease. Never love your disease. Never accept your fate. Eczema or psoriasis is merely your body’s coping mechanism that keeps you alive because you may have lived in an environment, habits, diet that were not compatible with your genetic make up. If you give yourself a more optimal environment, habits, diet such as raw paleo diet and lifestyle, then your body can stop resorting to that eczema or psoriasis coping mechanism.

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