Zucchini now cheap! Make Bieler’s Soup to nourish your liver.

I decided to buy zucchini to for this weekend’s Bieler’s soup production and found zucchini now abundant from 40 to 80 pesos per kilo. Drastically down from a high of 260 per kilo. If you have been holding off on zucchini soup for liver nourishment, now is the time buy and fill your liver with green nutrition.

Other ingredients, a clump of stringbeans / sitaw is 15 pesos. And wansoy is 150 pesos per kilo (I only ought 1/4 kilo).

Bieler’s soup provides organic sodium nutrition to the liver. It nourishes the liver with needed minerals so it can make healthy bile to digest foods and cleanse the blood.

Bieler’s soup is by weight 1 part string beans, 2 parts zucchini, 1/2 part wan soy. Boil for 14 minutes in water that just covers the zuccini. Blender. Add in the broth. Take as soup. Do not add any flavoring. Take 1 cup 2x or 3x a day for say a 3 days if you have liver depletion problems. You will feel it in your gut solidifying your gut, see it in your stools, forming and hardening your stools and giving it a healthy dark brown color.

I’d rather take this than wheatgrass juice. I think my brother likes wheatgrass juice better.

Ah well, take whatever works for you. Take them both if you like them both.


  1. If im allergic to soy & wheat can i still use the wansoy does that have soy in it? & the wheatgrass or is that jus thier names?

  2. Wansoy is just the filipino word for parsley. It has nothing to do with soya or soy beans.

    The allergen in wheat is with the seeds. I personally dislike the taste of wheatgrass juice. It’s up to you.

  3. Yea i googled it and found out its parsley lol. Thnx 4 replying. I know this question doesnt have to do w/ this article but im starting my applejuice liver cleanse 2marow & ive read on a few other websites that people have used Epsom salts to aid in the cleanse? Do u know any info on this? What do you advise. Thank u so much for this site- u give a reason for people to have hope& keep fighting:)

  4. lawrennce says:

    where to buy those zucchini? ive been researching if these pumpkins are grown in the philippines….i wanna plant zucchinis i think it can grown in the philippines, not just in bagiou.

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