Steam Bath Therapy to revive steroid damaged pores

Steroid or lotion damaged skin can be a problem. Perspiration can be a problem. Not sweating naturally through the skin is a problem as sweating is a natural way of breathing, of detoxification. You have to restore the skin it’s normal function to be healthy.

Steam bathing is a home remedy that anyone can do. Just have your steamer or rice cooker under a plastic chair. And get yourself a steam coat or a blanket will do. Turn on the steam and sweat it out for 15 to 30 minutes.

I highly suggest you first go to a professional therapy clinic and feel your way as to how it goes and how you feel. After a few sessions, you will “get it” and you can do your own steam baths at home.


Steam therapy reinvigorates the skin, offering a natural alternative to chemical treatments. Dr. Reinhard R. Bergel, in a special report extolling the restorative benefits of steam, said: “A great advantage of the steam bath lies in its highly beneficial effect on the skin, a feature particularly appreciated by women. The moist heat stimulates the subcutaneous blood flow and cleanses the skin intensively, opening the pores, removing dead skin and impurities and leaving the skin feeling soft, clean, and silky smooth.” By opening the pores through perspiration, steam induces the expulsion of toxins, rectifying exercise-related skin problems.

If you want additional benefits, you can follow up the steam bath with a sitz bath. Get into your bath tub and fill with cold water up to your navel. Then sit on it with just your butt. Your hands and feet sticking out of the water. The lymph flow all drain towards your butt. Sit for 15 minutes.

Here is a sample testimonial about steam bathing for the first time:

“Absolutely great! Big relief. Lots of dead skin removed. I would probably want to do this every day.”

Just be careful you don’t get dehydrated. I highly suggest cool water melon before and after your steam bath. Delicious and refreshing!

Post your steam bath experiences here.


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  3. Steam rooms can be really beneficial for certain ailments and I’m glad the message is starting to spread. Certainly, if you can avoid the steroids then do so.

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  5. I’ve heard great things about steam therapy for almost all skin ailments.
    Steroids are almost never the answer.

  6. hi, i would like to share my experiences with you, bcos i am also an eczema patient., My docs were confused to diagnose whether it is eczema or psoriasis!!?? Eczema medications not worked because there is no advice on specific diet., In ayurveda” Herbal treatment” first priority is for i changed the food pattern completly. got some relief but still worrying. so one day i thought to do experiment with “GARLIC” I consumed quarter kg of garlic per day and found miracle. The problem was solved to 98%. now i have to get cure for 2%. of course i am still using garlic besides some antiboitic medicines and no more steroids.,
    The food to be avoided by eczema patients are:
    1. Tamarind
    3. Amla
    4. lemon & citrus related fruits, juices & vegetables
    5. Brinjal
    6.Green chilli
    7.Vitamin C related medications
    FOODS TO BE CONSUMED more frequently
    1. Garlic
    2.Radish ( checkout whether you got any thyroid problems)
    3. Beetroot
    4. Cabbge ( check out for thyroid problems)
    5. All foods which purifies blood
    6. Do exercises for sweting. the more you sweat the more the toxins release from blood, which in terms reliefs the problem
    7.Check out the affected area dehydrating too much. (dehydration causes itchyness)
    8 apply coconut oil mixed with champor on the affected area to sooth the skin itchness
    9. Heat sesame oil and apply on the affected are. but don’t consume sesame oil.
    10 sunflower oil is very good to treat eczema patients., use sunflower oil for cooking purpose.,
    these are precautions and experiments i did and got relief., more i will write later

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