Herbs for Eczema Treatment

If you have been reading the eczema cure protocols section in this website, you will learn that there are certain herbal tools that may be useful in treating / curing eczema. Never lose sight of the principles of natural eczema treatment so you know how to put herbs in their place.

Herbs are special plants that help to manipulate the body to cleanse or nourish itself. You may need to look into trusted suppliers. Some at the top of my head are Barefoot Herbalist MH, Dr. Schulze, Angela Chang, Dr. Tsai of Japan and his branches.

First off, since eczema is detoxing through your skin, it is pointless to get any herb to try and apply it directly on the eczema in the hopes that it will seal off the skin. You could look at the folly of using aloe vera, but all your body will do is push harder and break out again. This is not the way.

The way to use herbs is in accordance with the principles of natural eczema cure protocols. For example you need to do the various detoxes for colon, kidney, liver… you use herbs to fascilitate the cleansing of those organs.

For colon cleansing, Barefoot Herbalist MH has Lower Bowel Balance capsules and I’m sure Dr. Schulze has his own version. They studied in the same school of Dr. Christopher.

For the kidney I can get free avocado leaves for tea or you can buy watermelons, or you can also do the 6 week program of Barefoot Herbalist MH’s kidney cleanse. I’m sure the Dr. Hulda Clark suppliers have their own kidney cleanse herbs as described in her book “Cure for All Diseases”.

For liver flushing I know there are many ways to soften stones or unclog stuck up or fatty livers like apple juice, apple cider, gold coin grass, etc,; before you do your actual liver flushes.

To nourish your liver after liver flushing you could try wheatgrass juice or bielers soup with zucchini or milk thisle supplements… I prefer raw liver.

For parasite cleansing I have tried Humaworm and Barefoot Herbalist MH dewormer, I’m sure there are more suppliers out there.

Remember that herbs are tools. Before any manipulation with herbs, you should be well fed, on a nutritious proper diet suited for your current condition. If like most people your liver is clogged, there is not enough bile to digest a lot of animal meat, you have to downscale to something like 30% or less your consumption of animal meat by volume as recommended by Dr Tsai. When your liver has been cleansed and nourished you can increase your animal food consumption. Personally, today I eat something like a majority animal food diet because I am now eczema cured. Oh, you will get here soon enough.

Remember again that herbs for eczema treatment are mere tools to assist you. Don’t go overboard wishful thinking herbs are cure all panaceas.


  1. great post on ways to cure eczema with herbs but let me just share another herb that also works like charm on eczema to compliment your post.vitamin oil will help you get rid of eczema if applied on th skin regularly to moisture th skin so has to prevent it from dryness.

  2. Hey there!

    Had an excema question and wonder if you could offer your expertise…

    I have hypoglycemia which at its root is essentially a congested liver. I’ve been working on decongesting my liver for almost a year with liver flushes, taking liver suppplements like Livaplex, etc.

    Hypoglycemia means low blood sugar and my liver, being congested, is not able to properly dump glucose into my bloodstream. The trick is, I have to supply a steady amount of glucose in the form of natural fruit juice throughout the day to keep optimal blood sugar levels. 8-10 oz. fresh squeezed juice per hour is good. Sometimes though, I accidentally go over and when this happens, my liver cannot use up the excess sugars/glucose in which case my blood sugar goes too high.

    When this happens, I often get skin symptoms (detox side effects) such as excema on my thighs, behind legs, etc. So my question is… although I’m trying to minimize the number of times this happens by not going overboard on the natural sugars, what can I do externally to heal the excema when it arises? Is there some kind of skin wrap that neutralizes the acids of the skin outbreaks and helps them heal faster?

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

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