Treating Infant Eczema: Get it Right the first time, Cure Forever

So your infant has some eczema symptoms? You go to your doctor and get prescribed with drugs, steroids and lotions? This is absolutely the worst way to begin treating infant eczema. This path, this common medical path is how lifelong skin diseases are made.

Eczema is a mere symptom of body pollution. Your infant in his body wisdom has chosen to express internal pollution through his skin as his usual means of expressing such as poop, pee, sweat and mucus formation are not enough.

Maybe the pollution in your infant came from his mother while in the womb or from the breast milk. Maybe it comes from the food you feed him either polluted or causing malnutrition. Maybe it comes from the personal care products lavished on his body or that which is used to wash his clothes and his feeding utensils. Maybe it comes from the water he bathes in and the air he breathes.

What is more certain is if he is given lotions, drugs and steroids is that the more pollution accumulates in the child and the sicker he gets. Steroids merely suppress the natural and correct actions of an eczematic infant’s body. The magical act of temporary symptom removal via steroids is the most misleading magical lie in infant eczema treatment.

The correct infant eczema treatment is to remove the causes, allow the expression of eczema and cleanse the infant internally and externally. Cleanliness is next to Godliness… you have to know what cleanliness means.

As a parent, you owe it to your child to educate yourself about the causes and cure for eczema. See the eczema cure protocols I wrote in this website. Understand and do what is needed. Think and ask beyond what is written. Do do and do, practice, practice, with tenacity.

Edwin Casimero suffered from Eczema and cured himself spectacularly. All his children exhibited eczema symptoms at young ages. Because of his knowledge about the true cause and cure of eczemas, all children are well and have nothing to fear from eczema. Please read and book mark his website at


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