Cure Eczema by Removing All Mercury Tooth Fillings

MIL has been eczema free for a few months now. She’s trying to be clean with her diet. She had some anthroposophic treatment. But she attributes to her being eczema free from the removal of all her mercury tooth fillings.

I think she finished replacing all her mercury tooth fillings more than a year ago. She went to the biological dentist and had them all done, 2 teeth at a time. There was coordination with another holistic doctor who did some chelation therapy. There was coordination with another doctor who gave her vitamin C drips before her mercury removal. Her biological dentist said it usually takes 2 or more years for the body to remove the mercury from itself.

Eczema is a method of the body to remove mercury through the skin. I remember when I had my mercury tooth fillings removed without the special equipment of the biological dentist, each time I had fillings replaced the next day my lower right leg eczema raged on.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz talked about this, that you do the right thing and from time to time there will be minor detoxes that will happen as the body becomes stronger and is able to push out the poisons.

So be patient. In your own healing journey there will be minor instances of eczema spots here and there but you know now that it is detox and it will go away as long as you do the right things. And we do know the right things today because it is written in the eczema cure protocols and it is already 2010. It’s called progress. We know more today and we will know more as the years go by.

Document, document, blog, document your experience. It will help you and help others.


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