Yes, you have to stop eating Nightshade foods forever!

An amusing post in the Curezone forums with an anonymous post of: Should I stop eating nightshade foods forever? He found out that nightshades were poison to him. He had arthritis pain bothering him. He stopped eating nighshades. Then he forgot and ate some tomatoes and the pain suddenly hit him. He wants to know if he can heal his body enough to be able to consume nightshades again.

I was very sad when I realized (and later confirmed by x-rays) that I had arthritis/osteoarthritis and had to give up nightshade foods. But I couldn’t handle the pain anymore and so did give them up. The pain was almost gone after less than two weeks (I felt lucky to be one of the quicker healing ones from stopping the nightshades), plus the swelling was going down too, until I forgot myself and ordered a regular sandwich with my usual extra tomatoes. OOPS! (And btw I only ate half!) About an hour or less (I wasn’t paying attention, but somewhere around that time) my left pinky starting throbbing (that’s the worst area of pain out of my hands, feet, knees, elbows, and back). I looked at my finger and thought, “Oh sh** I forgot!” I was surprised how hard and fast it hit me. I’m getting better again, but it’s almost like starting over (but I think a little faster). I mean I eat a little nightshades and practically have instant pain and it’s taking days/weeks (maybe a bit shorter than before though) to get back to where I was (not there yet), so it’s not worth it, OF COURSE!!!

A side note: I was shopping at Whole Foods today and wanted to get my pre-made guacamole that I usually get, but I read the ingredients and it had tomatoes and peppers in it. That really depressed me to almost crying, but I kept feeling like if I did I would feel ridiculous to cry over food, especially something I can make myself without those ingredients (plus I hate crying!). Plus I kept trying to cheer myself up by telling myself at least I don’t have Celiac Disease, because then I probably would cry (with good reason, I would think) because that’s not just some food here and there, gluten in freakin’ tons and tons and TONS of stuff (although I do choose gluten free foods when possible anyway). I think those things helped me not to cry. I know it’s probably silly, but they’re my feelings and how I dealt with it.

Back to my question now: So after I completely heal and build up my immune system with vitamins, supplements, antioxidants, probiotics, etc. will I ever be able to eat tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers on occasion without experiencing throbbing pain? (I never liked eggplant and don’t smoke tobacco anyway, so phew!) Or will I have to give up my yummy nightshade foods FOREVER?

PLEASE HELP I really want to know PRETTY PLEASE!!!


I replied to his question with:

My family gave up on nightshades a long time ago.

Our anthroposophic doctor said it was bad for children 7 and below.

And being on a Paleo Diet, nightshades are just allergenic food.

We are allergic to nightshades. Deal with it. Accept it. It is harmful to you.

Be happy you found out. Why would you want to eat such harmful poisons anyway?


  1. Yes, nightshades are a problem, but so is a paleo diet for many people. Sure, it’s great for fatties, but not for those who are underweight and actually need complex carbs.

  2. You can add sweet potatoes to your diet.

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