Treating Infant Eczema – Case of My 1-Year-Old Boy’s Alleged Allergy to Dogs and Grass

This experience happened in 2002. I was still obese. I did not know anything about health then. I did know about how to learn from the mistakes of others so that you would not make the same mistakes they did.

Our first born was only 1 year old and he exhibited some atopic dermatitis / eczema on the folds of his arms and the folds of his legs. My wife and I went on a vacation and our son was left to the care of his grandmother. When we got back, grandma had reported to us that she spent quite a lot of money on our son by bringing him to her favorite skin doctor and allergist and that a battery of allergy tests were done and they found out my son was allergic to dogs and grass.

I fumed. Just like in the cartoons with steam coming out of my ears. How can a 21st century human be allergic to dogs? How can a 21st century human be allergic to plain outdoor grass? Being allergic to dogs and grass was simply not logical. You would think that all the humans of yore who were allergic to dogs and grass will have been weeded out via natural selection. We are the descendants of hardy humans who could never be allergic to dogs and grass.

The other logic at the back of my mind was, that these same skin doctors and allergists were the same failures who caused my own brother to become diseased with an initial atopic dermatitis and then full blown psoriasis all over his body. Give me one good reason why I should believe a word they said regarding their diagnosis about my son.

I had read about lack of fluid intake as a possible cause of allergies. I ordered our nanny to give our 1 year old boy water frequently, just a sip or more every hour. Then I further ordered that our boy play around with every dog of the neighbors as much as possible. Then I ordered our nanny to roll our son on the grass all around the complex. In short I wanted to do the complete opposite of that alleged allergy diagnosis recommendation. I wanted more exposure for my boy to the alleged allergens in the effort to desensitize him.

I remember when my brother was growing up. My parents were very meticulous about cleanliness and bacteria. My brother went to the same medical doctors my mom took my son to. My aunts and uncles jeered that my brother needed to be exposed to germs and dirt so that he would grow up strong. Fast forward many years later and my brother was diseased with full body atopic dermatitis / psoriasis.

I remembered the logic of learning from the mistakes of others. My parents made the mistake with raising my brother in that failed medical paradigm of skin doctors and allergists. I was not going to repeat the same mistake with my son.

How we treated our 1 year old boy of atopic dermatitis symptoms:

1. More frequent fluid intake with water and coconut juice and water melon.
2. More frolicking and exposure with the neighbors dogs to desensitize him.
3. More play and exposure on grass to desensitize him.

The results with my boy? In 2 weeks my son’s so called atopic dermatitis symptoms disappeared. My boy has been atopy free since then. Today that same boy is 8 years old with smooth clear skin.

Edwin Casimero suffered from Eczema and cured himself spectacularly. All his children exhibited eczema symptoms at young ages. Because of his knowledge about the true cause and cure of eczema, all children are well and have nothing to fear from eczema. Please read and book mark his website at

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  1. The best way to treat it is a lukewarm bath every day or so. Glycerin and zinc soap helps. Eating enough calories and fat to cure it helps. Hydrocoritzone lotion with aloe really works and not using sodium laurel sulfate products. Any products that contain motor oil are called parbens. They make it worse too. The products to treat it are more expensive but, well worth it from the health food store. The pain and suffering plus cost of treatment out way going natural. Good luck.

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