Facial Eczema Treatment: My Cure Experience

As you can see in the front page of my website eczemacure.info, my eczema spread to my face and ears. I was gushing out yellow fluid just like in my legs. It was as if I was leaking all this pollution out of my body and my legs and arms weren’t enough. So my body decided to use my face and my ears to eject toxins as well.

Of course, all is well now, I cured my eczema. Just as you will cure yours. Just read and understand the eczema cure protocols and cook up your own cure protocol. But what treatments did I do to my face while awaiting final cure?

First, allow the eczema to flow, seep out. If it needs some water, make sure it has no chlorine in it. Boil it to be sure. Or boil some guava leaves in it for it to be cleansing. A damp handkerchief was useful to allow faster removal of the ooze and relief. My healer at that time attended to me even while I was asleep with my ear eczema oozing.

When my 2nd son was eczema sick, my wife and the nannie did the same attentive care. Just let it out clean it. Do not put anything on it. This is a cleansing process that the body must do so let it cleanse itself. When all the dirt has been pushed out, the body will close itself up, heal itself.

Some eczema spots are more conveniently hidden than others. Acne is just as terrible. I had cystic acne when I was 15 to 16 years old. We did not know better then and had steroid treatment all throughout which was bad… very bad.

Now that you know what, how and why eczema is, go to it. Time to cure yourself. Best wishes.


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