Liver Flushing is not the be all – end all – for Eczema and other skin diseases

I would like to address this blog post to the liver flushing support forum in Liver Flushing is not the be all – end all – for curing skin diseases. I was alarmed at someone who was convinced he had stones after not ejecting any stones for several liver flushes. Look, if after doing several types of liver flushes and no stones come out, this means you have no liver stones and the problem lies elsewhere!

Just for completeness there are several ways to soften hard stones like apple juice and gold coin grass. I personally recommend a 2 day apple juice fast then flush. If you aren’t diabetic, you can do this.

Of course there are other detox protocols you can get into. Here’s my list.

If you have yeast problems, this can be immediately corrected by the very hard and very powerful vco detox. I helped one young man before who had eczema on his arms and legs. He did this 3 day vco detox and when he woke up on the 4th day he was totally cured, as if his eczema was just a bad dream.

For pollution avoidance, buy Hulda Clark’s book Cure for All Diseases. She has a very good pollution avoidance list.

Then there is diet which I think is 50% of the battle. Do not assume your current diet is the best. If you are sick right now, it actually may be your diet that is causing you to be sick. Do mono meals / sequential meals. Do not mix foods. I think salads are absolutely wrong. If you want raw vegetables, you must juice them to digest them. Humans are not sheep nor cows, we do not have 4 stomachs to digest vegetation. Fruits are human food, see organic and in season. Animal flesh / innards / land animals / sea food is human food, and just like fruit it must be eaten raw. It’s pretty silly to cook fruit, and you should realize it is just as silly to cook meat.

Check out my diet recommendations at:

If you ejected liver stones and it has given you relief, yes, go celebrate… welcome to our healthy world… but this is just the beginning of your healing journey. There is a lot lot lot more you need to do to reach health states you never dreamed you could reach.


  1. smilinggreenmom says:

    I don’t know much about liver flushing but what I do know that has really helped our son with his terrible Eczema has been the Belly Boost children’s chewable probiotics. I have read so much on how they are really helping with conditions like this and it has been a miracle in our life! He began to clear up right away and has looked and felt so great for this whole past year!

  2. what am i doing here..

    were you referring to me in that article? if yes…first im a girl & second i did end up passing BIG green stones when drinking in 15min intervals, though i posted it before ill reassure it.. each of them were around an inch long, nearly all of the ones ive seen so far. how gross is that, but if that alone will not cure eczema its still good to flush these out anyway since i have a plethroa of different symptoms

    i will try the VCO detox, unforunately for only 2 days since im a high school student & i cant skip out. i sure hope my skin does NOT get worse again

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