Analyzing Luke’s Psoriasis Cure: He Already Knew He Would be Cured

Have you read Luke’s amazing psoriasis cure journal? Amazing how with today’s information technology we can capture the effort of those eventually cured of diseases, as it happens. What amazed me was how very sharp Luke’s mind was from the very beginning. From the very beginning when Luke’s research led him to some real truths about psoriasis as a disease, he collated all the truth material in his head and set out a plan of action. Then, when the time was right, he executed his psoriasis cure plan, and there it was for everyone to see.

This is why in my cure manual I stress that the first cure must be to cure your mind. Let go of all failed paradigms. It is sad to realize that the western medical profession whom we trust for trauma cases has in fact NOTHING to offer when it comes to diseases. So let their failed western medical paradigms go. Not one paradigm of theirs deserves any merit. In fact, all the western medical paradigms about health are wrong:

– the food pyramid is wrong
– their concept about what psoriasis is is wrong
– their drug use is wrong
– their steroid use is wrong
– their entire psoriasis treatment plan is wrong

This is the very first concept you must do. Let go of failed concepts. Clear your mind. This recent western medicine failed paradigm has existed for less than 100 years. Old doctors, the real doctors knew much better when their knowledge was still un-corrupted by corporate funding.

Then fill your mind with the correct concepts. Sites like,, and are a treasure trove of resources that just needs some filtering. These are ad supported so you need to filter through the ads. Which reminds me to publish an eczema / psoriasis cure book with zero ads.

Back to Luke and his execution of his diet and detoxes. Luke was all fired up and in a hurry to do all his detoxes. Good thing he did his detoxes with a correct diet. He lurked around in the forums of to get valuable insights from various raw paleo diet practitioners. All detox and no nutrition means no cure. It goes hand in hand. This is where most people fail. They think detox alone will cure them… not it will not. It has to be nutritious clean diet first then detox.

Then all Luke did was to continue, repeat, adjust and live a changed life. Yes his lifestyle changed. His grooming habits, his eating habits, his sleeping habits, his preferences, his concept of truth and reality all changed. The old ones were not working so this is what has to happen.

So you don’t want to eat raw meat and raw fat? This I think is the hardest concept for the sick to fathom.

You have to let go of failed paradigms about bacteria, about how raw meat will make you ill, about how raw fat will allegedly give you heart disease… all of that is false… welcome to the real world.

And you will know what’s real, what is truth, when you experience healing yourself.

You will be a raving lunatic in the eyes of other people. But you will be a CURED raving lunatic.

Luke cured his mind first, he did what was needed without any apprehension because somehow at the start he already knew he would be cured. And he did.


  1. I visited a local farmer. He feeds his cow with grass(in winter with dry grass) and some vegetables(potatoes, carrots, cabbage).
    I bought some frozen cow liver. Unfortunately it let to a flare up.
    What to do now ?

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