Infant Eczema: The Medical Paradigm Ends with Dad – No Steroids – Ever

My brother’s months old son had rashes on his face. Being first time parents he was frantically looking for stuff to do. What was causing it? Is there anything they can put on his skin to fix it? I asked him to calm down and think. Rashes are a detox process. Let it out and it will go away. Whatever is causing it, stop doing it. The rashes don’t bother the little boy in any way.

Doctors? Steroids? Creams? Nope. None of those. This is the end of the line for those medical bozos. Fool my parents once. You fooled me twice. But you are not getting our children. Ever. The world would be a better place if the medical profession just stuck with trauma and emergency cases.

A new age is dawning. We the cured with children growing up with a different paradigm. We know that eczema, rashes, psoriasis are signals that we are doing something wrong.

– Maybe it is that chemical soap
– Maybe it is that dish wash
– Maybe it is the fabric softener
– Maybe it is the powder
– Maybe it is the disposable diaper
– Maybe the mother breastfeeding the child needs a change in diet, or she has amalgams
– Maybe it is all those people kissing my baby when I’m not looking

There are lots of possibilities. Do them all, eliminate all of them.

These are our children. And this time, we are going to do things the right way. The eczema cure way.


  1. My daughter. says:

    my daughter has eczema, I would say a mild case, compared to some horrific pictures I have seen. She has it behind her legs, elbows, ankles, on one finger on one hand, and in between her thumb on the other. I nursed her for two years, and I am not exactly sure how to do an elimination diet. She eats like a bird already, and is on the thin side (it hereditary I am thin). I have very dry skin and I am allerigc to jewelry, but that is it. My husband gets spots on his skin but it is discoloration, no itchiness. I have two older children and no eczema. I have a feeling something is triggering it. Do you have a guideline, for an elimination diet or a book to reccommend? Thanks, Jessica – Miami, Florida

  2. I have a friend who has psoriasis. I will be following your blog from now on. Is it possible to have your email so I can email you. Thank you very much.

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