Emotions Involved? What did I feel during my Eczema Cure journey?

A journalist friend was interviewing me asking how I learned all this www.curemanual.com stuff. She asked me about my emotions, how I felt when I was sick, when all those doctors told me I was incurable, when I had to flee my own family to get well… I had no emotions then, I was just focused on getting well, solving this problem when doctors had given up; I had to use my engineering problem solving skills to learn and discover the principles of disease to get well.

I ran my own web development business. I was the salesman, manager and computer geek. I couldn’t meet customers or people in my condition so I had to manage my company remotely via phone and internet. This was 2005 so we had dial ups back then. My company continued to operate so I had money and my children had money.

There was no time for me to think about emotions. I was in engineering problem solving mode:

  • Doctors were inept, find other healers who did not study under the medical paradigm.
  • Found a healer who made sense, bring her home.
  • Wife didn’t like my healer, I disagree, I fled to my brother’s place.
  • Healing was taking place, I listen and observe the principles of this healer.
  • Her work is done I heal up to a point, then it was time to move on to what she could not accomplish.
  • I jump from one healer to the next collecting knowledge, doing self experiments to validate their teachings.
  • I write my journal of things I do in a skin disease forum (who later I found out HATES cures).
  • I promise people I will make a website to share my knowledge when I get cured myself.
  • I get well, I get cured and I’m so happy I announce it in the skin disease forum in big bold letters.
  • The forum moderators hated cured claims and said so, then erased all my posts and journal.
  • I salvage what was cached in Google’s web cache of my old journal.
  • Good thing my website was almost ready, I launch my www.eczemacure.info website, paid a $ 200 press release.
  • I was maybe 98% cured when I launched this website and strive for 1,000% cure and improve my cure protocols.
  • Found my 1,000% cure with raw paleo diet, specifically raw meat and raw fat.

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.  When did I get emotional?

I was happy when I saw jumps in my cure process.

I was bewildered and later angered at that skin forum for erasing my journal and keeping sick people in the dark while shouting “there is no cure”.

I fought back with determination to help inform and cure the world that all eczema, psoriasis and all diseases were in fact curable if you had the correct paradigms of knowledge in place.

My excitement waned when I found out there’s no serious money to be made teaching people final and lasting cures.

Who knows? Maybe one day a rich guy will come along to fund me to help promote cures for all diseases globally.  That would be nice to do.  Something like the funders of Canonical, the Ubuntu Linux project.  They saw how open source Linux could change the world and funded the project.  What we have at www.eczemacure.info and www.curemanual.com is open source healing.  Everyone needs to know this.


  1. i totally relate to how u feel. i had eczema when i was 1 year old, and it cured 2 years ago, when i was 32. my own brother teased me i had ‘snake skin’ and ppl make face when they saw the watery pinkish and smelly swollen eczema on my feet (they couldn’t see on my leg, thigh) and later i developed on my breast, back.. all.. EXCEPT my face.

    i faced it all. did acupuncture, stopped half thru, cried in the middle of a project when i was 22 coz my leg was sooo in pain..

    did allergy test, allergy to EVERTYHING except mushroom.only ate fish fingers and oat for few months, till i got sick of it.

    and now my 3rd child had eczema when he was 6mths. and i lose my sleep too, to hold his hands from scratching his face.. he cried at night, and al my hubby did was woke up and got angry and sigh ‘make him quiet’.. and slept outside..

    i felt alone..

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