Vander Gaditano’s Remote Opinion on Infant Eczema

Without seeing the mother or the baby, Vander Gaditano, my friend, the great healer has something to say about infant eczema.  Mother may need to take probiotics.  Mother may need to dilute her milk with water.  Vander would also like to know what the blood type of the child is. And of course seeing in living flesh is much better when giving health advice.

About probiotics, we all need friendly bacteria in our gut.  I prefer making my own high meat or just raw meat in the refrigerator that has stayed for a couple of days.  For the pill minded, you can get probiotic pills such as OMX capsules.  For the vinegar minded, you can get probiotics from real fermented vinegar such as Lola Conching’s real coconut vinegar.

About diluting mother’s milk.  We are assuming fully breast fed babies.  The milk may be diluted by alternately giving the baby some water in a feeding bottle.

My own advice.  Mother needs to improve her milk quality by eating a raw paleo diet.  If not a raw paleo diet, a cooked meat paleo diet will do.  If the mother is still addicted to starches, organic white or brown rice is the least allergenic.  When I say paleo diet, for meat I meant organic / grass fed / ocean wild meat.  And if your child is blood type B, stay away from all chicken in whatever form as long as it is chicken.

Of course you should continue reading this whole website as there is more to eczema than just this advice.  If you can afford Vander, go and call him up.  He is not cheap.  And he is the best.

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